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Diane is one of our Marketing Executives and is responsible for providing marketing and sales support to our Transport & Ticketing division. She is also responsible for the office in Glasgow, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Diane joined the marketing team at PDMS in 2015. She specialises in the ferry industry, organising events, liaising with clients and overseeing general marketing duties in the UK. 

When not working, Diane enjoys running,  cycling and going to the gym.  She enjoys travelling with her family, consisting of three lively teenagers.  She has a degree in marketing from Glasgow Caledonian University.


  • Year Joined 2015

  • Miles ran per month 50+

  • Number of countries lived in 4

Diane often works with

Diane Stickland's Activity

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For over 300 years, newspapers and magazines have delivered our news on paper, in fact the first newspaper, as we know it, was printed in 1605 in Belgium with the title ‘Relation’.  But is the digital world changing the way people choose to read their news?