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Making the most of your data

The huge amounts of data tracked and stored by Google Analytics and similar technologies can be very useful, but in itself, storing data does not achieve anything.

In 99% of cases where businesses feel they are not using their digital channels to their full potential, it's because measurable goals have not been identified.

An eCommerce store may have some numbers around how many products of a particular type have been sold in a certain time. But do they know how many people added that product to the basket and left? Or how many people read the product page, only to go elsewhere? Do they understand why those customers abandoned, or went elsewhere? 

Web Insights can help you get an deeper understanding of this type of user behaviour. The service will help inform measurable improvements to the user experience which can incrementally improve sales, conversions, contacts, downloads and many other business objectives.

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How it works

Initially, we'll conduct a review of your website or system followed by a workshop that establishes a working relationship as well as discussing and agreeing the organisation’s measurable goals and objectives.

Then, a suite of data intelligence tools is setup and configured according to the service level and specific needs of the client. Data is collected and analysed using both automated and manual processes.

Web Insights is a continual process of measuring performance against objectives, reporting back and making changes. Only by looking at the long term picture is it possible to take into account seasonal or economic variation, trends and growth.

Some clients opt for a  regular report which contains clear commentary and recommendations.

We offer a range of related services such as Discovery and User Experience design to complement Web Insights.

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Tools & Technology