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What is TraderTap? 

TraderTap is a cost-saving, easy-to-use, efficient solution that can be used by companies of all sizes that move goods in and out of Northern Ireland. TraderTap has been developed to help negate some of the administrative burdens of manually entering data into the UK Government's TSS portal.

How does it work?

By using TraderTap you simply upload a single Excel or CSV file which contains all the data needed to complete your ENS movement, consignments and goods lines for an entire* shipment. This includes the data needed to complete the Supplementary Declarations.  

The system handles multiple consignments with any number of goods lines, solving the TSS-imposed 99 goods line limit. It validates and sends the data to the TSS portal via their API, saving you all that typing.


*Sup.Dec. backlog only option available

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Is TraderTap for me?

TraderTap has been built to help traders or carriers that move goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

You may be dealing with manually typing in complex and lengthy submissions into the TSS Portal. TraderTap deals with Entry Summary Declarations (ENS), Simplified Frontier Declarations (SFD) and Supplementary Declarations (SDI or Sup. Decs.)

TraderTap is suitable for those companies wishing to complete the entire declaration process, from ENS to Sup Dec submission, but also for those needing to clear a backlog of supplementary declarations where the ENS entry has been handled by other parties (e.g. a haulier).


There is a small set-up charge and when you are up and running, you pay on a transaction fee basis per goods line, with a sliding price scale to accommodate large volumes. 

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