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Understanding your business & your customers

Before we even write a line of code, our priority is getting to know you, your business and your customers.

It's about understanding your goals and so we can help you meet them. It’s about recognising inefficiencies that can be reduced or removed. It’s about understanding ‘users’ and what will make their life easier and more fulfilling.

Only then can we implement technology in the most appropriate way to deliver measurable value to your customers, employees and your business.

We like to build long-term relationships with our clients because the longer we work together, the deeper our understanding gets and the better we become at supporting your passions, aims and ambitions.

Our approach isn't about trying to sell you software, products or platforms that you don't need.



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A tried and tested way to deliver successful projects

The majority of projects we work on are now delivered as agile projects.  Our processes borrows techniques and terminology from the "Scrum" framework.  Multiple iterations will take place during the Agile software development lifecycle and each follows its own workflow.

The Agile approach works well where our clients and project stakeholders can provide regular input, functional portions of software are needed quickly and where flexibility is important to deal with changing requirements.  It's dependent on effective collaboration and regular feedback.

Although we recommend an agile approach, we can also deliver projects using a more traditional waterfall methodology.  We will produce a detailed project plan and project timescales and budgets are monitored on a weekly basis. 

Whether using agile or waterfall, we always appoint a Project Manager whose role is to talk to and liaise with our clients and the various project stakeholders, empower the delivery team and manage delivery milestones and budgets.


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