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MARIS - your complete ship registry solution

MARIS is a secure, powerful and flexible enterprise platform which manages ship registries’ compliance with maritime regulation and its business-critical functions.

Along with the core registry, survey and seafarer functions, MARIS includes: 

  • Workflow management
  • Document storage
  • Certificate production
  • Financial management
  • Reporting functions

With MARIS, you can support all of your ship registry functions from multiple offices around the globe using a single, secure cloud-based system.

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All of the Registry’s key business data is now entered, stored and accessed through one central system, which has resulted in considerable time savings as staff no longer have to enter the same information into different computer systems or waste time trawling through filing cabinets or ring binders looking for further information on vessels. - Dick Welsh, Former Director of the Isle of Man Ship Registry
A circular image of Dick Welsh, former Director of Isle of Man Ship Registry

5 global clients

200000 seafarers managed

100 gross tonnage of vessels registered in our platform

Our MARIS clients