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Recently there has been a proliferation of new digital platforms and disruptive products which have made it harder for business leaders to steer a clear course in their own sectors. The clear course is one which leverages digital technology, but is not subverted by it.

PDMS has some great solutions, a world-class software engineering team and state-of-the-art hosting and infrastructure.  But our most valuable service is showing customers how digital technology can contribute to their business strategy.

With more than 25 years’ experience in helping organisations to use digital technology effectively - without the hype - PDMS has a unique perspective to guide you from digital chaos to digital productivity.

A framework based on insight and experience

We have designed a framework that is a firm foundation for the effective exploitation of digital technology: one that is tailored to the objectives and capabilities of your organisation.  Our framework is based on a combination of our extensive insights gained from working on hundreds of technology projects and familiarity with the challenges currently affecting businesses across different industries and sectors.

Our approach is based on evaluating your organisation’s strategic goals and objectives, competitive environment and capabilities. Our framework provides a guide to help understand the issues that are most likely to influence your organisation’s ability to achieve sustainable gains through investment in digital technology. We’ve called our new framework LUCID.

"It takes more than technology to deliver digital transformation, it takes changes to people, skills, processes and culture.  I love working through these challenges with our clients, identifying how we can ensure the most successful outcomes for the business"

Kathryn Druggan, Senior Analyst
Kathryn Druggan

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