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Significant renewable energy investment at PDMS

News Published on 18 July 2022

PDMS has made a large step towards achieving net zero with the successful installation of 66 solar panels that will help to power our Isle of Man Headquarters, Global House.

The installation of the solar panels has been completed as the first part of an extensive refurbishment programme of Global House and represents a key milestone in achieving PDMS’ zero carbon strategy. The solar panels were installed while the roof was being replaced by local company Brandywine.

Based on current energy consumption, the solar panels are anticipated to generate half of the electricity required at Global House.

In addition to switching to renewable energy, PDMS has also implemented several other carbon reduction activities including reduction of use, recycling of waste, reduction of air travel, homeworking, and carbon offsetting. PDMS are members of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man and expect to reach net zero well ahead of the 2050 deadline.

Neal Kelly, Chief Information Officer, said:

"As a company, we are committed to doing everything within our power to reduce our impact on the environment. The installation of solar panels at our headquarters in the Isle of Man represents a large step forward towards our goal of carbon neutrality."
"We have a roadmap of further improvements to be made across our offices in the Isle of Man and Glasgow and view the solar panels as the first step in the transformation of Global House. We are keen to maximise any renewable energy resources we have available at our fingertips. Through our ISO 14001:2015 certification, we have been measuring our emissions for some time and have already reduced our overall carbon production by 50%, whilst offsetting the remaining through various schemes."

PDMS has a long track record of playing a key role in its local community from mentoring to providing pro-bono work. Chief Executive Officer Chris Gledhill is also Chair of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce Climate Change Programme which works in parallel with the Isle of Man Government’s climate change strategy.

To find out more about our sustainability efforts, visit our Social Responsibility page. 


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