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The five values of our culture

We created a Values in Action framework to help bring our values to life within our day-to-day experiences at PDMS.

There are five values on which the PDMS culture is based: 

Our values guide how we behave and act, so it's important that they flow through each member of our team and every part of our day-to-day business. We aim to embody our values in our interactions with our clients, suppliers, partners and each other. 

Below is an overview of our values in action and how you can be part of our cultural identity. 

We are open

We encourage conversation, honest debate, and constructive challenge. We welcome new ideas, listen carefully with an open mind, and speak thoughtfully and honestly. 

Staff behaviours include: 

  • Build strong relationships and mutual trust with all colleagues and team members
  • Share your knowledge and be open to learning and feedback from others
  • Take responsibility for their work and behaviour
  • Behave transparently in all work situations and environments

We do the right thing

We show respect for each other by behaving with honesty and integrity. As an employer, we are committed to doing what's best for our staff as well as our clients, company and community. 

Staff behaviours include: 

  • Treat all colleagues and customers fairly, regardless of background or circumstance
  • Always consider whether you are doing the right thing

We are committed

We are dependable and hold ourselves to the commitments we make. We always live up to each other's expectations and exceed those of our customers. 

Staff behaviours include: 

  • Acknowledging your mistakes and gathering feedback in order to learn and share with others
  • Being able and confident to provide constructive feedback to colleagues, peers and managers
  • Demonstrating a consistent approach to learning through experience via reflection and making positive change
  • Identifying and applying actions that drive continuous improvement for PDMS and our clients

We create value

We are passionate about learning how technology can help our customers. We embrace knowledge and creativity, and we iterate and improve. 

Staff behaviours include: 

  • Taking time to understand the needs of both clients and partners you interact with
  • Putting customers at the start and heart of everything you do
  • Showing pride in your work
  • Demonstrating passion in driving continuous improvements for yourself, colleagues, clients and partners

We are a team

We collaborate with our colleagues and our clients. We strive to bring out the best in both. 

Staff behaviours include: 

  • Understanding our goals and purpose, and your role in the delivery of these alongside your colleagues
  • Working in a collaborative manner with colleagues and stakeholders
  • Supporting our colleagues to make progress on their development 
  • Seeing success as a "team" rather than as an individual