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Porscha is one of our Senior Business Analysts who is based in the Isle of Man. She is responsible for working with clients to understand their business and identify opportunities to improve their processes through digital solutions, as well as working with the developers to ensure their solutions are the best fit for the client. 

She has over eleven years' experience as a Business Analyst in the private and public sectors, working on a wide variety of projects in terms of subject matter, users and types of solutions delivered. Prior to this, she worked in customer-facing roles which gave her first-hand experience of the difference efficiently working processes and systems can make to employee and customer satisfaction. 

Porscha has always been a problem-solver and enjoys getting to the root cause of an issue and being able to help make a difference. She has a degree in German and Management Studies from the University of Leeds. She is also working towards the formal BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis to complement her extensive experience.

In her spare time, Porscha enjoys going to gigs and has been to Glastonbury six times. One of her other favourite things to do is walk in the Manx countryside with her dog, a Lhasa Apso called Nellyn (Manx for 'little champion'). 

  • Year Joined 2023

  • Number of visits to Glastonbury 6 and counting

  • Namesake She is named after the car

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