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My marketing work experience at PDMS

News Published on 16 August 2023

Written by Rosie Parsons, about her week working alongside our Marketing Team.

Who am I?

I am currently an A-Level student at Ramsey Grammar School, going into my final year. I'm studying English Literature, Business Studies, and Psychology, and I'm hoping to study Marketing or Psychology at university next year.

I was invited to spend five days over two weeks at PDMS to gain some marketing work experience. The aim was to help me learn more about working life and decide what course I would want to take at university.

What I did in my week at PDMS?

Throughout my five days at PDMS, I learned many new skills and met loads of new and kind people.

On my first day at PDMS, I was welcomed into the Marketing team and joined the weekly marketing meeting to get an idea of what it would be like to work in an office environment. One of my first tasks was to familiarise myself with the company so I did my own research on PDMS by reading the case studies that were available on the website. I also started on some projects for Hannah and Jo, which were fun and interesting.

On my second day, I completed some ISO Training with Simon to understand the quality standards that PDMS has. It was very enlightening and I also discovered that these standards are also used by many other businesses.

Next, I learned about SocialPilot and the tools used to create graphics for social media. In addition, I completed some interview preparation and practiced my summary skills.

I was set the task of writing a tech-related article for the website to develop my content writing skills. I chose to focus my article on the topic of 'Sustainability and Technology' so I spent the afternoon of second day researching sustainable technology and how it works. I then spent my third day here typing up my article then adding it to content management system (Umbraco) so it can be published on the website.

I then completed a review of the PDMS website and conducted some competitor research, further developing my researching skills. I spent the rest of my fourth day at PDMS summarising my thoughts and recommendations for the website based on this research. I also joined the weekly marketing meeting again, helping me to see the structure of a working week in the marketing team.

On my final day at PDMS, I took part in a meeting about developing a careers chatbot, and learned how marketing and HR can use automation to direct people to easily find the information they need. It was interesting to sit in on the meeting, seeing how marketing and HR work together, plus how chatbots work and are formatted.

How I found my work experience?

I have found working at PDMS to be a very enjoyable and valuable experience! The team at PDMS made me feel very welcomed and I feel I've learned a lot in the past five days about what it would be like to work in an office environment. This work experience placement helped me realise I want to go to university to study and then go into work, which was something I was debating.

Overall, I have learned what marketing is really like and it has reaffirmed that it's what I want to do in my career. Not only will it help me to write my personal statement, but I can take the experience I have gained here with me to university and future work life. Thanks PDMS!

To find out more about working with PDMS, visit our Careers page


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