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PDMS upholds pledge to modern business practices in Scotland

News Published on 08 December 2023

As part of our decade-long commitment to our Scottish workforce and adopting best-in-class business practices, PDMS is signed up to the Scottish Business Pledge.

In 2016, PDMS joined the pledge which is a values-led partnership created to uphold the best effective and ethical business practices and recognise efforts made by organisations which contribute to Scotland’s future. The initiative also promotes fairness, equality, opportunity and innovation in Scotland to enable economic, sustainable and inclusive growth in the industry. 

Organisations which make the pledge must meet the three core elements of paying the living wage in Scotland, not using zero hours contracts, and taking action to address the gender pay gap. They must also make a longer-term commitment to five of the seven additional components which include:

  • Environmental impact
  • Investing in a skilled and diverse workforce
  • Workforce engagement 
  • Innovation
  • Internationalisation
  • Supporting your community
  • Prompt payment 

PDMS met all of the above criteria and we have been committed to fair, equal and sustainable employment in Scotland ever since. 

Recent developments and initiatives include: 

Richard Graham, Head of New Business for Scotland, commented: 

“Ever since we opened an office in Scotland, we have been fully committed to creating a working environment where our clients, staff and suppliers can flourish. Signing up to the Scottish Business Pledge was an easy choice and is something we are committed to for the long term.”

The Scottish Business Pledge has over 845 member companies and other organisations who have made the pledge include Barclays, The University of Edinburgh, Microsoft and GSK, among numerous others. 

10 years in Scotland

In 2023, PDMS is celebrating its 10th year in Scotland. Established as a small office of two in 2013, we have grown over the last decade to become a leading Scottish software engineering firm with clients including Rearo, Skills Development Scotland and McAlpine

Our commitment to growing and supporting the business in Scotland remains the same today as it did in 2013. Through initiatives like the Scottish Business Pledge, ScotSoft and Empowering Women, we aim to make a difference to the local community in Scotland and empower the Scottish talent of the future. 

To find out more about our work in Scotland, visit our PDMS in Scotland page. 


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