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PDMS joins Scottish Engineering industry body

News Published on 13 April 2023

PDMS is pleased to have recently joined the Scottish Engineering industry body.

This membership will help us continue our growth in the industry with access to expert industry insights, knowledge sharing, networking opportunities and training.

For over 30 years, we have been using our expertise to help organisations in this sector to digitally transform their business, increase efficiency and reduce waste through a wide variety of partnerships. Our involvement with Scottish Engineering will help us further improve the services we offer to the engineering and manufacturing industry in Scotland and further afield.

Digitally upgrading heritage systems

At PDMS, we firmly believe that legacy and digital can happily co-exist. An off-the-shelf-ERP is not always the right solution, therefore, by digitally upgrading heritage systems, businesses can increase productivity and reduce inefficiencies.

We see the value in heritage systems and understand the amount of time and resources that have gone into them. They often contain vast amounts of data and are critical to many business’ operations meaning that completely replacing systems with new technology can come with significant risk. Therefore, we often work with clients to upgrade their heritage systems using new technologies which reduces the impact on day-to-day operations.

This is the approach we have taken with many of our clients over the years, including some of our long-standing clients like Stanley Black and Decker, McAlpine and Glasgow-based laminate manufacturer, Rearo.

TraderTap, the digital solution to speed up data entry

In addition to modernising and upgrading heritage systems, PDMS also solves complex problems for clients by creating new bespoke solutions. For example, we recently developed TraderTap, a cost-saving, easy-to-use solution which can be used by companies of all sizes that move goods in and out of Northern Ireland.

TraderTap was developed in response to Brexit to help negate some of the administrative burden of manually entering data from the UK Government’s TSS portal.

The platform helps traders and carriers move good between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Its features include automatic data entry via the TSS, error capturing to ensure easy resolution, searchable records as well as a secure and intuitive interface.

The TraderTap platform is used by a range of clients including Pilgrim's, Scolmore and Sealey .

Tim Thompson, the CCO of Sealey commented:

"Our workload for the Supplementary Declarations has been reduced from the equivalent of three people working full time, to an hour a day of one person which is amazing. And similarly, the ENS level has saved the guys each easily three hours a day. You could therefore probably equate the API to the full-time work of four people!”

PDMS Head of New Business (Scotland), Richard Graham, said:

“PDMS is proud of the work we are doing to drive innovation and transformation within the Engineering and Manufacturing sector through our work with clients in both Scotland and around the world.

To find out more about Scottish Engineering, visit their website here


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