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Nurturing our home grown talent

Insight Published on 14 June 2019

Meet Georgia 

Georgia Vernon, who joined us whilst still studying for her A Levels, explains how she found the career she loves at PDMS. We are very keen to support the development of our home grown, local talent and offer work placements, internships and apprenticeships to those studying both locally and at Universities in the UK.  

How I started my graphic design career at PDMS

I was studying for my Art & Design, Geography and ICT A Levels but I knew that university wasn’t for me and that there was no way I could be convinced to apply. It was hard because all of my friends were busy applying for their university courses, knowing exactly what they wanted to study, but I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was completely lost!

I had always had an interest in Art & Design and ICT and knew that I wanted to carry this on into my future career. With this is mind, I started researching different careers in this area and ‘graphic design’ was a career that kept popping up.

It came to Christmas time and I didn’t have too long left before I finished at school and the pressure was mounting to decide what I wanted to do. After my research into different career options, I was really interested in graphic design but I didn’t know what it would actually be like to work in this area. I didn’t know anyone who worked in that very specific area who could provide first-hand insight. With support from my form tutor, I decided to try and get some work experience in graphic design – while I had spent some time working on graphic design as part of my ICT A Level, it wasn’t enough for me to truly know what it would really be like as a career option. Speaking to my next-door neighbour Shane, I found out that he worked at PDMS and he told me more about the work that PDMS is involved in and that they had a small but dynamic graphic design team.

I approached PDMS in December 2016 to see if there was a possibility for me to come into the office for work experience for one day a week to get an understanding of what a career in graphic design would be like. Within in a month I was invited in for an interview with my now Manager Jim Rawson to discuss my work and interests. Luckily, the interview went well, and I was given the opportunity to spend my Tuesday afternoons at PDMS learning about working as a Graphic Designer. Initially I thought graphic design was only about creating logos, adverts, brochures and websites, but I soon learnt, there was much more to it than that! During my work experience I built websites with HTML and CSS, designed websites, created logos, marketing materials and so much more!

My work experience placement at PDMS, really helped me decide what career path I would like to go down, in my case graphic design, and gave me experience in a wide range of different sectors. I remember in school my friends and I would whinge about having to do coding in ICT because we thought we would never use it – it turns out that I now use it every day!

From education to full-time employment

When it came to the end of my work experience at PDMS I was lucky enough to be offered the position of ‘Trainee Graphic Designer’ once I had finished my A-Levels. When I started my work experience at PDMS, never did I think I would end up being offered an actual job!

I have been at PDMS nearly two years now in full time work and I have gained so much experience and skills in, not just graphic design, but also front-end development. I’ve worked on a wide range of projects from websites including the Villa Gaiety through to front end design for systems for the NHS.

All of this is thanks to PDMS and my Manager Jim for giving me the opportunity to complete work experience whilst still in education.  I have recently been promoted and have passed my Human Computer Interaction exams to become a UX Designer and, most importantly, I am working in a career that I love!

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