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About Isle of Man Ship Registry

The Isle of Man Ship Registry (IOMSR) is a Category One Red Ensign Group member and was established as an international register in 1984. It is consistently named as one of the best registries in the world in the Shipping Industry State Performance table, offering clients 24/7 cover to meet international needs. 

An ISO 9001 and 14000 certified organisation, the IOMSR operates efficiently and consistently to exceed the standards expected of a modern Flag State.


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Moving from disparate systems to allow for growth and efficiency

The IOMSR was using a number of disparate legacy PC and paper-based systems to manage their business-critical processes. These processes did not allow for business growth and efficiency objectives. It also relied upon manual processes. 

Due to its recent growth, it was essential for the IOMSR to have a central, comprehensive system to support its services and its developing client base.

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Joining up data and processes into one central system

Working in partnership with the team at IOMSR, our analysts determined what the needs were of the registry. From this, our team of developers formulated a detailed plan and were able to create a system which digitalised the manual processes.

The Registry has been using Maris for a number of years and it has been a driving force behind its development.  As time has gone on, we have continued to work with the team at IOMSR to improve and enhance their system including adding Digital Signing technology. 

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Tangible benefits that MARIS has delivered to the IOMSR include:

  • Productivity improved by 78%
  • 90% reduction in certificate errors
  • Registration turnaround times have improved by over 50%
  • Key data required for the IMO and Clarkson's can now be generated and extracted quickly and easily from Maris, allowing the Registry to be proactive rather than reactive
  • Substantial cost savings achieved by moving from paper certificates to digitally signed electronic certificates
  • Improved decision making due to better access to accurate management information
  • Improvements to auditing with an increase in transparency and accessibility
  • Decreased staff resourcing needs due to a reduction in administrative workload
  • Considerable time savings, particularly in the generation of certificates and required documentation which was previously produced manually
  • Significant reduction in manual errors which previously occurred due to data transfer between different systems 
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