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The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry (‘IOMAR’) has registered over 1000 aircraft to date and is ranked as the 6th largest private/corporate aircraft registry in the world. Established in 2007, IOMAR’s aim is to provide a customer-focused service for the registration of high-quality private and corporate jets, and twin turbine-engine helicopters, plus a carefully tailored and highly responsive transitional aircraft registration service. ‘Safety with Service’ sits at the core of IOMAR's operations.

As the largest dedicated corporate aircraft register in Europe, IOMAR offers high international standards and is committed to providing an efficient and cost-effective service for its registrants. They have also been recognised on the global stage, voted Best Global Aviation Registry in 2019 and 2020 at the World Commerce Review Awards.

IOMAR made a strategic decision to upgrade its administration system, investing in technology to further drive the business forward. One of the key objectives of the new administration system (ARDIS) was to provide a centralised database for storage of Aircraft Registry data with integrated capabilities enabling the team to focus more on its customers and regulation of its fleet.

The project

PDMS successfully delivered the first phase of the new administration system using our Aeris solution, replacing IOMAR’s legacy systems with a complete back-office system with full data migration. 

An extension to the back-office system, focused on the aircraft survey administration process, was delivered in phase two. This delivered functionality to allow survey data to be added directly to the aircraft record, both locally and remotely, enabling further integration with IOMAR's technical partner.

The final stage in the project focused on providing IOMAR customers with access to an online portal through which they can reserve an aircraft registration mark or request mortgage searches, and also make payment for these services online.

The results

The system went live with very minimal disruption to business during the implementation which was vital to IOMAR’s reputation. 

Sherilyn Kelly, General Manager & Head of Special Projects at IOMAR, stated:

“To roll out a back-office system with migration of six years-worth of business data into a live business environment without major issue was a substantial achievement”

Utilising a centralised database with automated workflows, the new administration system allows a single-entry point for data enabling a more efficient way of working. A user-friendly dashboard provided the IOMAR team with the facility to manage ongoing tasks and to produce certification required for the operation of aircraft on the register. 

The immediate availability and timeliness of management information through real time reporting allows the IOMAR team to focus on their strategic direction. The improvements to IOMAR’s administrative systems also mean that they have more business time to focus on their customers, advancing the organisation's business-friendly appeal to potential registrants.  This is key to the IOMAR which is committed to customer service excellence as part of their ‘safety with service’ ethos.

The future

This investment in technology has provided IOMAR with a secure platform for the storage of aircraft-related data, enhancing both usability and efficiency for a better business future.

While the IOMAR and their customers have already realised significant benefit from the implementation of ARDIS, they hope to further develop the system over time to provide additional services:

“There is no doubt that ARDIS will develop and grow with our business, and we very much look forward to our continued working relationship with you and with PDMS in this regard.”