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Arthur is our Apprentice Software Developer and is part of one of our project teams working on a solution for the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education, which is appropriate given that he is an apprentice himself!

Arthur is learning C#, dot net core and Angular to build a rich and engaging website for the Institute which allows learners to explore the relationships between education, qualifications, apprenticeships and occupations in England. 

Arthur joined us in early 2023 and works with us four days a week to get hands-on development experience while spending one day a week at the University College Isle of Man studying for his Level 4 HNC Diploma in Digital Technologies.

Outside of work, Arthur likes to take part in gamejams which are quick 48-hour challenges making short games around a given theme. He also enjoys spontaneous research where he spends a few months reading scholarly papers, videos, interviews and articles on random topics that interest him. 

  • Year Joined 2023

  • Hobbies Gamejams

  • Current research topics 'Learning to Learn' and general fitness and nutrition

Arthur often works with