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The women in tech at PDMS: Freya Livsey-Corlett

Insight Published on 16 March 2023

PDMS’ Analysis and Test Manager, Freya Livsey-Corlett, was brought up surrounded by technology and here she explains why there was no doubt that she would pursue a career in the tech industry. 

Despite being the only female out of 70 students on her Computer Science undergraduate course, and being mistaken for her former boss’ PA rather than a Product Manager, Freya has never let being a woman in a male dominated industry stop her from pursuing her goals.  

Encouraging children to explore tech, regardless of gender, is the way forward 

Freya tells us how she spent her childhood playing with computers, and how she was encouraged to explore technology by her father who worked in the industry and even helped her to build her first computer when she was a child. 

“I was really brought up around technology and my parents were really supportive of my love of it. I just wish everyone got the same encouragement to explore what they love as I did!” she explains. 

This encouragement is something that Freya aims to pass onto her own daughter and believes we should be instilling into the younger generations. 

“Both men and women can write code, both men and women can project manage and both men and women can do UX roles. The message we should be giving to younger generations is that it doesn’t matter who you are, if you work hard and have the right skillset then you can do whatever you want!” 

“The equality at PDMS is why I joined the company!” 

When talking about what she thinks is being done to support diversity and equality in the technology industry, Freya discussed how the equality that can be seen at PDMS is one the reasons she joined the company. 

“When I interviewed for PDMS, I had a 14-month-old and thought there was no way I could career jump at all. However, when I interviewed, there were no issues or concerns from PDMS that I had a young child and would be stepping into a management position – they were more than happy to support me doing that.” 

Freya notes that she feels really lucky to have had such supportive employers and mentors over the years: “I think we should all take a leaf out of PDMS’ book because they’re showing that there are no boundaries at all. They just encourage people with the right skills to do what they do and develop the talent when they come through the door, regardless of gender or background.” 

Freya’s number one piece advice to younger generations entering the technology industry

“Find your passion and run with it! I was lucky that I found it really early on. I love playing games and creating products. It doesn’t matter that I’m female, and that the person coding might be male – just find your passion and roll with it. And then find the right mentors and the right people to support you through it!” 

If you are interested in a career in tech with PDMS then we would love to hear from you - we're committed to helping people get a start in technology careers! Just send your CV to [email protected] with an email explaining why you think you can fit into the team. 


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