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PNLD launch new 'Motoring and the Law' App

News Published on 30 January 2016

The Police National Legal Database (PNLD) has launched an exciting new mobile app, ‘Motoring and the Law’, which provides legally accurate answers to frequently asked motoring-related questions.

The new ‘Motoring and the Law’ app provides detailed answers concerning specific areas of the law which are relevant to numerous stakeholders. Developed by PDMS, the app aims to make the law more accessible and simpler to understand.

Success of 'Ask the Police'

The ‘Motoring and the Law’ app follows the hugely successful “Ask the Police” app, which provides legally verified answers to a wide range of questions the police are frequently asked by the public in England and Wales. It covers specific areas of the law which are relevant to numerous stakeholders.

‘Ask the Police’ has evolved to become a nationally effective FAQ resource, regularly relied upon by members of the police, as well as the general public. It has reduced non-emergency calls to the police and also improved accessibility to the law.

To date, ‘Ask the Police’ has received nearly 50 million website visits and over 45K app downloads. The success of providing easy-to-access resources has encouraged the Leicestershire Police to integrate ‘Ask the Police’ into their own website, resulting in a noticeable reduction of non-emergency calls to their police department.

Introducing 'Motoring and the Law'

Meanwhile, the ‘Motoring and the Law’ app contains an extensive catalogue of motoring specific FAQs. These deal with everyday issues, through to those of a more complex nature. Category topics include:

  • My Vehicle
  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Motorcycles
  • Driving documents
  • Motoring offenses
  • Road safety
  • Cyclists
  • Highways
  • Driving and disability
  • Commercial vehicles

Targeted at motoring enthusiasts, industry professionals and members of the public, ‘Motoring & the Law’ combines the best of PNLD’s existing services, and, to provide specialised questions and comprehensive answers relevant to motoring law.

The app also gives police access to extensive information in the field, increasing their knowledge of complex aspects of motoring law.

Whilst ‘Ask the Police’ offers general information, ‘Motoring and the Law’ contains added legal background to support the answers. For example, the app details common queries and misconceptions, required driving documents and rules, tyre regulations and often includes examples of past court cases and fines.

‘Motoring and the Law’ was developed with a decision-tree style of question and answers. This sequential Q&A mapping enhances the user journey and improves the individual’s ability to find the answers they are looking for, with results tailored depending on choices made at each stage. An added search function is also adapted for finding information quickly.

The future’s bright, the future’s mobile

Building on the success of the app and its contribution to increasing the efficiency of police and law enforcement, PDMS and PNLD will continue to examine opportunities to add to their suite of products in other areas of law and police procedure.

PDMS takes a unique design approach to app development. Founded in strong relationships and a complex understanding of requirements, the PNLD series is designed individually and specifically for iOS and Android, rather than being solely adapted from websites. This approach ensures a robust system and outstanding user experiences.

The app is available now for purchase and download from the iTunes Store or from the Google Play Store . The PNLD team manages the content, guaranteeing the data is reliable and up-to-date. With regular updates, the app requires internet access for use.

Happy motoring!


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