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PDMS runs Learning by Doing workshop

Insight Published on 13 April 2022

By Maya Sengupta Gledhill, Work Experience Placement 

On Wednesday 6th April, PDMS hosted a successful workshop run by Alexandra Koyfman. The workshop took a 'learning by doing' approach where participants gained insight into what a workshop looks like by taking part in one themselves.

Learning by doing

Participants were divided into groups and given real-life scenarios to use as discussion material for their workshops. The hypothetical situations were designed through consultation with business analysts at PDMS which attendees would typically encounter in their jobs.  

One example was based on a small tech start-up on the brink of commercial success with the objective of determining the best business strategy going forward. Scenarios were broken down in a clear and structured way which enabled people to focus their ideas. This was a model approach that analysts could learn from. A series of questions accompanied the situations to create a discussion.

They were also given ‘spanners’, realistic challenges that a company could face such as Covid or ‘having’ members in the team who are unprepared for the discussion.

Sticky notes completed one of the groups


Aside from exploring scenarios, attendees were given time before and after the workshop discussions to network, enabling them to learn about each other’s work and to meet other like-minded people from a range of different companies on the Isle of Man and with varying levels of expertise.

Positive outcomes

The event enabled attendees to practice a particular form of communication that can help businesses draw out the expertise and knowledge of people in a workshop in order to generate new ideas and strategies that move their businesses forward.

We look forward to providing another workshop in the near future!


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