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PDMS is proud to support Manx BirdLife

News Published on 05 May 2023

In late 2022, PDMS designed a new database utility for Manx BirdLife, a local conservation charity working to protect the Island’s wild birds and their habitats.  

Following the successful launch of the database, we were recently invited by Manx BirdLife to visit their nature reserve at the Point of Ayre and a group of PDMS team members had a fantastic day learning more about the vital work they do and watching the birds and wildlife enjoying the natural landscape there. 

About Manx BirdLife

Manx BirdLife is a conservation charity based in the Isle of Man working to protect the Island’s wild birds and their precious habitats.  

Their goal is to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the Isle of Man’s wonderful natural heritage and for 25 years, they have worked hard to monitor the abundance and diversity of the Island’s wild birds and used tie data to strive for a better future for birds and people.  

In the past few years, the records that Manx BirdLife receive from the public has grown by more than 2900% to over 60,000 records a year which meant their original database, developed in 1998, was in desperate need of modernisation.  

We were happy to support Manx BirdLife by providing our expertise in designing a new database utility to make the task of adding, verifying and storing these huge numbers of records more efficient.  

The project was a huge success and most importantly, resulted in the charity saving both time and money, meaning they can instead make more resources available for its conservation work. This would have not been possible without the database we were able to provide free of charge to support this local charity. 

"We're extremely grateful for the programming expertise provided by PDMS in writing their new utility which is already proving invaluable" - Neil Morris, Managing Director of Manx BirdLife

PDMS visits Manx BirdLife 

After building a great relationship with the Manx BirdLife team during the project, PDMS were delighted to be given the opportunity to visit to their attraction at the Point of Ayre National Reserve last week. 

Members of our Social Club ventured up north and were given a tour of the major, long-term restoration project underway which aims to create a special place for birds and other wildlife to thrive.  

The team were able to learn more about the wildlife in residence, experiencing the varying terrains of the reserve and visiting the newly built hide to see the range of local birds up close including cormorants, gulls, Canadian geese and oystercatchers to name a few.  

The reserve is currently closed for public access, so our team felt privileged to be invited to visit this unique and picturesque attraction and a few even signed up to volunteer at the reserve to support with the ongoing landscape project.  

A seagull stood on a rocky shore with sea in the background Two cormorants swimming in the sea

A group of cormorants nesting on a grassy bank A group of PDMS staff members posing in front of the nature reserve

Photographs taken by Support Analyst, David Kelly

To find out more about our work with Manx BirdLife, you can read our case study on the project here.


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