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PDMS fully embraces Agile with company wide training initiative

News Published on 30 January 2023

Everyone in the company, across all our different functions, both client-facing and internal departments, has undertaken the Agile and Scrum Fundamentals training.

Our delivery teams are also undertaking the Scrum Master and Product Owner training streams with an option to obtain the Professional Scrum Master and Professional Scrum Product Owner certifications from

Agile is a philosophy, a way of understanding work, based on experimentation and rapid learning in short delivery cycles with continuous feedback. Teams are highly motivated through self-organisation, creativity and close collaboration with the removal of communication and departmental barriers. PDMS uses agile to run its own internal projects as well as our client’s digital transformation projects.

Although, many of our delivery teams have significant experience and expertise in delivering agile projects, we wanted to ensure that everyone throughout PDMS understood Agile concepts, terminology and most importantly the mindset.  Now every single person in the company, irrespective of their role, has a shared understanding of how agile can help to cut through complexity and deliver value incrementally by truly working collaboratively.

Head of People and Culture, Charlotte Cain explained: 

We were really impressed with theUncoding’s approach with high quality training that could be undertaken in bitesize 15 minute online lessons. We were able to simultaneously roll out training to over eighty people but at a time that suited them and at their own pace, whilst minimising the impact on our day-to-day business operations. The engagement and feedback from our staff on the training has been really positive. PDMS places a great deal of importance on the continual professional development of every single member of our staff and it’s great to see our team having the opportunity to achieve recognised professional Agile qualifications as a result of this investment in training.

About theUncoding

theUncoding is an innovative training academy that helps organisations to implement and mature in Agile and Scrum through high quality,  value for money and highly focused training that generates more valuable organisations through their own, internal talent.  theUncoding's focus is upon innovative, low disruption training that enables the organisation to practice "Good Agile" at all levels.

Agile training with theUncoding is focused on truly internalising the Agile concepts and mindset.  This allows organisations to bring out the full potential from WITHIN the organisation, where the talent really resides, without creating dependencies on external consultants.

theUncoding was founded by Dwight Lindstrom and Carlos Lopez.  Both are Agile experts and co-editors in the International Standards Organization (ISO) and form part of international committees on the use of Agile in global standards.  For more information, click here to access the website.


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