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My PDMS work experience by Jerry Yao

News Published on 13 September 2022

Work experience is highly valuable for young people in helping to develop their skills and future goals, which is something that PDMS is keen to encourage.

Jerry Yao is a sixth form student at St. Ninian’s High School in the Isle of Man who joined the Front-End Developers at PDMS for a week and a half. We caught up with Jerry to find out how he got on.

A photo of year 12 work experience student, Jerry Yao. Jerry Yao

Mentored by Nick Collins, Jerry was working on the coding for developing the user interface and experience on projects.

What was your favourite part of the project?

While working on the project, I learnt a new framework. It was challenging to get to grips with it, but a lot of fun!

What are your plans for after sixth form?

My plan is to go on to study Computer Science at university next year. My work experience at PDMS has been a great help in encouraging that goal and furthering my passion for technology!

What was your favourite part of work experience at PDMS?

Honestly, just interacting with the people! Everyone was so welcoming and supportive so I was able to learn a lot during my time here. 

What was your main takeaway from your experience at PDMS?

The new skills that I have gained in coding, as well as working in office environment which was a new experience for me.

In conclusion

"Thank you to everyone, it’s been a great experience!" - Jerry Yao 

It has been great to have Jerry join us for a week and a half, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours!

To find out more about working at PDMS, visit our Careers page


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