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Meet former Trainee turned UX Designer, Georgia Vernon

Insight Published on 02 November 2021

What has been your career journey at PDMS?

I started at PDMS in 2017 as a Design Trainee. Within a year of joining PDMS, I was promoted to Designer & Front-End Developer Trainee. I am now four years into working at PDMS and have been promoted to UX Designer.

How did you come to join PDMS?

As I was studying for my A-levels it was that time of year where you would start looking into universities. I knew that I didn’t want to go to university and that I wanted a career in Graphic Design. I thought that getting some work experience would give me a good insight into the role, which led me to get in touch with PDMS. When my placement finished, I was offered a permanent job.

What qualifications do you need to do your job?

When I first started at PDMS I didn’t have any qualifications other than my GCSEs and A levels. In the past four years while I have worked at PDMS, I have gained qualifications including becoming Umbraco Certified. If you have a creative eye, qualifications don’t always matter.

What skills do you need to do your job?

To become a UX Designer, you need to have a keen eye for design. Knowledge in software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and XD are extremely handy as you will be using these every day to help show your designs and make things come to life. If you end up like me and trying different roles such as Front End Developer, you will need basic knowledge of coding i.e. HTML/CSS/SCSS/JS. I had a basic level of these languages and didn’t know them well when I first started but I learned on the job.


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