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Building Tower Insurance a digital future

News Published on 24 April 2024

PDMS is delighted to showcase our collaboration with Tower Insurance in designing and developing their new website to help meet their current and future business goals 

Tower Insurance came to PDMS wanting to refresh the look and feel of their website and migrate it into a Content Management System (CMS) so they can make changes themselves. They were eager to update their digital platform in line with evolving trends and a more future-proof technology stack, while also seeking to modernise the design to consolidate their brand identity and the user experience.  

PDMS proposed an efficient UX design phase based on business and customer feedback followed by development of a new website in Umbraco CMS. 

Smooth development process prioritising simplicity and security 

The design team created a prototype in Figma showcasing the potential appearance of Tower Insurance’s new website, keeping it in line with their vision through feedback sessions. We then brought these designs to life by developing a responsive Umbraco CMS solution, creating flexible components which can be structured to their preference. The development phase adopted an Agile methodology and ran smoothly, without encountering any unexpected challenges throughout the process.  

During the development phase, we kept in touch with Tower Insurance via regular meetings to ensure they were involved every step of the way, and that the website was meeting their requirements.  

Our Infrastructure team worked closely with Tower Insurance’s Security team to implement a range of preventive measures to reduce the risk of cyber threats on their website. PDMS will continue to work with Tower Insurance to ensure their website maintains a high level of security going forward. 

Content migration and accessibility 

Once development of the website was completed, we held a series of training sessions with the team at Tower Insurance to get them familiar and confident working Umbraco. There was a fair bit of content migration that needed to be done due to the site being a new build however, Tower Insurance managed most of the migration and organising of their content themselves.

We then assisted in enhancing specific pages and adjusted the layout for improved readability. They welcomed our suggestions and entrusted us to enhance aspects wherever we thought necessary. 

PDMS’ approach to digital accessibility included consideration through all phases of the Tower Insurance project, ensuring the website is designed, developed and tested using a combination of web tools and manual testing. 

Once all content had been migrated, we conducted an accessibility test on the website to ensure that it was compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, the international standard for digital accessibility. .  

The result of Tower Insurance’s successful project not only reflects their mission but also elevates their online visibility through user-friendly features and engaging visual design, with a focus on seamless navigation, compelling storytelling, and interactive elements. 

Embracing innovation and creativity, our collaborative approach ensured that every aspect of the refreshed website is designed to resonate with Tower Insurance’s vision and objectives, giving them a robust platform to build on their future aspirations in the digital space. 

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