We have been thinking hard about what we can do to help – particularly when it comes to pressing issues that some organisations are now having to deal with.

We know that many businesses and organisations are facing real challenges and that technology can play a part to help.

We have been thinking hard about what we can do to help – particularly when it comes to pressing issues that some organisations are now having to deal with.

We’ve outlined a few key areas below:

Grant and Financial Aid Management

We appreciate that, in the first instance, organisations who don’t have existing online grant management solutions will be using any means possible, including excel spreadsheets and pdf application forms.  However, in the medium term a more robust system will be needed to help teams manage and prioritise the large workload, ensure grants get paid as quickly as possible and to establish a clear audit trail to help reduce fraud.

Our partner, Canalix, provide a grant management solution which could help local authorities and government agencies in their efforts to distribute grants and financial aid to those who need them in their communities.

Canalix’s grant management solution provides a self-service portal so that people can apply directly on-line with all information being directly captured into one system.  This will help reduce the burden on your staff in terms of handling enquires and processing grant application forms.

It is an “out of the box” solution based on a low code platform. This means that it should be relatively quick to get an instance up and running and configured to meet very specific requirements.  We are currently working with Canalix to see just how quickly an instance could be set up and configured but anticipate that we could have a basic solution up and running within a week. 


We are currently working with clients to implement website chat solutions aimed at helping to reduce the strain placed on their call centres by providing an enhanced user experience and streamlined access to key information.

We can configure a chat system for your website quickly by helping you to map the key information flow and customer journeys. Our chat systems can also be configured to support live chat if required, or even a hybrid system that hands chats to representatives based on predefined user actions.

Once the chat system is up and running, we can help you to analyse the data it collects, identifying what information people are looking for, before adapting the chat flow accordingly to better serve customers. This approach of continuous improvement helps to boost both your company’s efficiency and customer satisfaction, as well as reducing the strain on customer support.

Local Skills Platform

One of the key priorities for Local Authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships will be to help support local residents who have lost their jobs and to re-direct some of these people to work in key services where there is an increased demand such as retail and social care.

We have a skills platform which pulls together all of the economic opportunities in a local area to make they easy to find, search, save and interact with.  This includes local jobs, apprenticeships, courses and careers information – all in one easy to use web portal.

We have been looking at how we can adapt our existing regional skills platform to help and we are just a few days away from having an off the shelf solution to enable you to do this quickly and effectively.

Given the circumstances we are waiving both our 12-month minimum contract period and our implementation fee to help support local government and regional economic development organisations.

We can also help provide support with content and marketing of the platform in your region.

Find out more about SignedUpSkills here.

Moving services online

We’ve been working with clients in both the private and public sector to support their digital transformation journey by moving services online. Some of these involve new technology and platforms whilst in some instance we’ve been able to preserve and capitalise on the value in existing legacy systems by upgrading them to benefit from new digital capabilities.

If you need to move services online to benefit your customers or your workforce, we can help with self-service portals, back office workflow right through to secure digital signing.

Working Together

We are still providing all of our usual software and website design and development services to our customers in the UK and around the world.  But at the moment, we are helping a number of clients to specifically respond quickly to COVID-19 by setting up new websites, installing chatbots to help reduce the burden on call centres and setting up new digital services to replace paper based or face to face processes. We are also providing remote support to in-house software applications where there are specific skills gaps and staffing issues.

If you have a challenge that you’d like help with, please give us a call or send us an e-mail and we’d be happy to see if we can provide advice in the first instance or practical assistance.

We know that everyone is facing tough times and want to be able to assist businesses and organisations by helping to support  digital initiatives.