Congratulations Alexandra for winning the Awards For Excellence Young Achiever of the Year 2018 for her work with the First Point Community Portal

First Point Community Portal’s Project Lead, Alexandra Koyfman was awarded the Young Achiever of the Year 2018 Award at this year’s Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence. 

Alexandra and colleagues

The awards took place on Thursday 15th November and Alexandra’s colleagues at PDMS and representatives from the Isle of Man Constabulary attended the event in support of Alexandra – who was one of three nominees for the Young Achiever of the Year 2018 award.

“This project could not have been possible without the talented teams at PDMS and the immense support of our project partners, especially the Isle of Man Constabulary. I find my work immensely satisfying and am motivated by the knowledge that what I do every day contributes to better help for people when they most need it.”

Alexandra Koyfman, First Point Community Portal Project Lead, PDMS

The launch of First Point

In November 2017, Alexandra joined PDMS as a fresh-faced Master’s student taking on the responsibility of setting up the First Point Community Portal and helping to deliver it to the Isle of Man’s residents. The project was a student placement as part of Alexandra’s UCM Master’s course in Business Consultancy.

To meet the requirements of her Master’s course, Alexandra has to project manage a business initiative which forms the basis of two dissertations that will lead to her achieving her qualification.  PDMS tasked Alexandra with creating a new application for an existing technology platform - supporting the more vulnerable members of our community.  

Taking ownership of the First Point Community ProjectAlexandra accepting award

Alexandra quickly developed an understanding of the project and was happy to build her own relationships with the various partners with little or no previous introductions to them. 

She also developed new signing on strategies to help the community to register on the platform more easily, finding creative solutions to assist charity partners in supporting people looking to register themselves or loved ones.

“Alexandra is hard-working, conscientious, and passionate about the project we have been working on together. 

Having worked on several projects with outside organisations in the private sector and several partnerships in government, Alexandra stands out as a person who will get things done.  She is approachable and has excellent communication skills, changing her approach to the different audiences. We have been dealing with some of the more vulnerable in the community and Alexandra has been able to gauge her response and explain the project so that all understand.

I doubt that this project would be where it currently is without her drive, enthusiasm, and professionalism.”

PC Mike Griffiths, Isle of Man Constabulary

Through her enthusiasm and determination to see this local initiative succeed, Alexandra overcame many of the early challenges and soon built strong relationships with the Island’s businesses to secure partnerships and sponsorship. She was able to work closely with the charity and emergency services partners to understand their requirements and then coordinate with PDMS’ developers to adapt the SignedUp platform into a portal which could be utilised by all partners effectively. Alexandra has become the face of the First Point Community Portal, taking on the responsibility for marketing the platform to the Isle of Man, raising its profile on social media, and stepping outside of her comfort zone to take part in radio interviews with Manx Radio’s Women Today and hosting events around the Island to make First Point accessible to as many members of the public as possible.

To date, Alexandra has brought the following organisations on board with the First Point Community Portal Project:

Charity Partners:

Emergency Services Partners:


Corporate Partners:

A well-deserved achievement Awards for Excellence logo

Alexandra came to PDMS with no previous business experience, but quickly took responsibility for the project and made it her own. Since the start of the pilot, PDMS has challenged Alexandra to take the Minimum Viable Product into a fully developed solution that is as simple to use as possible. 

“I have really enjoyed working with, and mentoring Alexandra this year on the First Point Community Portal project. She has been a real asset to PDMS and to the project. Without her, we would definitely not have gotten the pilot off the ground.”

Lorna Trevethan, General Manager, Isle of Man Community Platforms, PDMS

Being awarded the Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence – Young Achiever of the Year 2018 is a fantastic accomplishment and recognition of Alexandra’s hard work and dedication to her project. We’re incredibly proud of everything Alexandra has achieved here at PDMS, and look forward to seeing where this project, and Alexandra, goes in the future!

In the wake of being awarded the Young Achiever of the Year 2018, local radio station 3FM interviewed Alexandra. Take a listen to discover Alexandra's journey taking First Point Community Portal from conception to reality.

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