An innovative, community-focused project, designed to support members of the community who need additional support, launched on the Island in June with the support of PDMS Limited.

The First Point Community Portal,, has been developed by PDMS in partnership with some of the Island’s charities and emergency services to provide additional support to members of the Island community who experience day to day difficulties, for example those living with dementia or the older generation living alone, who may find themselves in emergency situations.

Users can either create a profile for themselves or request that one of the project’s charity partners create and manage a profile on their behalf. Emergency services personnel can search through the registered profiles using a separate, password-protected, secure channel during emergency situations in order to more quickly:

  • identify a person,
  • bring the person to a place of safety,
  • provide better care for the person, and
  • contact loved ones sooner.

The idea of the First Point Community Portal originated through the Isle of Man Police. According to the police, on average over 100 incidents occur every month that could be better addressed through this portal.  

“The Police are first to be called when someone is in crisis,” says PC Mike Griffiths, one of three police officers instrumental to the project. “Sometimes, people when they are at their most vulnerable or confused just need help. Our aim is to keep people safe and reduce the stress on them and their families during difficult times. The First Point Community Portal will ensure that we have all the tools available to us to make the person feel at ease and give the family peace of mind that their loved one is in safe hands.”

“The Isle of Man Police are excited by the First Point Community Portal project as we believe the project can really make a difference to vulnerable people on the Island,” adds Chief Constable Gary Roberts. “Our officers will now have immediate access to vital information to be able to help vulnerable people when they are most in need.  We are also proud of the fact that the Isle of Man Police has played a key role in the partnership with PDMS – using technology to benefit the local community. I am encouraged at the desire that the public, private and charity sectors have to work together to try to protect the most vulnerable people in our community.”

As the First Point Community Portal’s primary sponsor, software development firm PDMS has helped to bring the project to life. “PDMS sees its purpose as the application of technology and data to improve both business and social outcomes for people,” says PDMS’ Managing Director, Chris Gledhill.

“This project is an innovative application of our community platform, Signed Up, to solve a genuine problem in our local community simply and securely.  We hope to help the police and emergency services provide a better and more cost-effective response to people who need additional support whilst making the lives of those people and those who care for them that little bit easier, too.”   

(Left to Right) PC Paddy Moore, Alexandra Koyfman, Project Lead, Chris Gledhill, MD of PDMS, and PC Mike Griffiths

The portal is now open for individuals to register either themselves or through one of our charity partners, Isle of Man Live at Home Schemes, Alzheimer’s Society Isle of Man, the Manx Blind Welfare Society, and the Manx Deaf Society. Emergency services personnel can also now access the system during incidents.

The pilot for the First Point Community Portal is set to run through to December 2018 with the support of corporate sponsors, Celton Manx, PwC Isle of Man, and Apex Funding Services, and corporate partners, Lloyds Bank, Tesco, Isle of Man Post Office, Emjays, MannVend, and Ellan Vannin Fuels.

To see a demonstration of the system and to learn more, visit the First Point Community Portal table at Tesco on Monday 23rd July 5:30 to 7:30 pm, Tuesday 24th July 5:30 to 7:30 pm, and Wednesday 25th July 9 to 11 am.

For more information about the project and creating a profile, or for organisations seeking to become partners or sponsors, please visit the website, email [email protected], call 664000, or like the First Point Community Portal on Facebook (