PDMS Employed were delighted to sponsor the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Annual Conference which took place at Central Hall Westminster earlier this week.

It was a great opportunity for us to engage with all 39 LEPs in England and Wales, hear about their plans for the coming year, and join in their celebration of what has been another successful year.

Chris Gledhill PDMS Employed

At the conference it was announced that a total of £5bn of private sector leverage has been secured by LEPs to date.  They have created 115,000 new jobs, trained 78,000 learners, created 71,000 new businesses, supported 72,000 businesses, built 16,000 new homes, and spent £945m on infrastructure.  This success brought with it plenty of commendation from none other than the Prime Minister in a letter addressed to the conference and in person from James Wharton MP and the Secretary of State, Greg Clark.

LEPs Conference 2016 LEPs conference 2016 

“More to be done”

The conference was also a reminder that there is plenty of work still to do.  This was driven home in a note from the Prime Minister who said, “I believe that local business leaders and local authorities must work together to make the best decisions for their area…Now is the time for Local Enterprise Partnerships to get involved in devolution deals and tell us what you can do to drive growth.”  These comments were backed up by Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director General, who mentioned that the UK has been one of the most centralised governments in Western Europe but the new devolution has to be utilised by business to unlock prosperity and growth.   

Richard Graham PDMS Employed

Why were PDMS there?

We have a keen interest in the development of devolution through LEPs because we have been supplying local government with our software expertise for many years.  However, this interest has increased in recent years due to the work we’re doing with PDMS Employed – our employability platform.  This work is enabling local regions to join up their employability and skills services while fostering collaboration between all stakeholders involved in the economic development of the region.

If you are part of a LEP and would like to find out more about how we’re doing this, please get in touch.  

Richard Graham PDMS Employed   PDMS Employed

LEPs Conference 2016