The team at PDMS Employed are attending the CDN Emporium in Scotland, exploring the challenges faced in Developing the Workforce

PDMS Employed

PDMS Employed are delighted to be sponsoring the CDN Emporium Finale 2016 - supporting college and employer partnerships in Scotland and developing the workforce. 

PDMS' Chris Gledhill, MD, and Richard Graham will be attending the College Development Network conference supported by students, colleges and their partners, including a range of employers, offers a rich mix of presentations, workshops, interactive stalls, networking opportunities, panel sessions, and discussions, with a focus on:

  • creating opportunities to share practices and ideas from colleges, schools, employers and others
  • leading discussions to debate appropriate ways forward in developing Scotland's workforce.

Chris and Richard will be participating in a number of discussions and panels, speaking about the issues arising. Their workshop,  Being Smart about College & Employer Partnerships, will provide an overview and present a case study of recent work carried out in Scotland and the Isle of Man to face these challenges head on:


About the Conference

CDN Emporium: Inspiring Ideas. Developing the Workforce

The CDN Emporium 2016: Inspiring Ideas will take place 01 to 17 June, offering a fortnight of thought-provoking and practical workshops, seminars and activities at our offices in Scotland and in colleges across Scotland.

This year the CDN Emporium will explore ‘Developing the Workforce’ as a theme, focusing firmly on the current needs and challenges facing colleges.

The Emporium creates opportunities to:

  • Share inspiring practices and success stories from Colleges, their partners including Schools, Employers and Students
  • Lead and discuss inspiring ideas that shape a transforming workforce development agenda.


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