PDMS and employed.im work with ACE to launch new website for engineering and manufacturing careers

Isle of Man Engineering and Manufacturing has launched a new website www.engineeringiom.com, designed and developed by PDMS, aimed at increasing awareness of engineering and manufacturing careers on the Island.

IOM Engineering and Manufacturing website preview

Although the Isle of Man’s engineering and manufacturing sectors support diverse markets across the world, the Island suffers from a skills shortage in this area. The site has been designed to provide information for people considering a career in engineering, no matter what stage they are at in their life.

The Awareness of Careers in Engineering Programme (ACE) was launched in 2008 as part of the Engineering Sector Skills Group’s ambitions to ensure the Island’s engineering and manufacturing businesses are able to recruit local people with the required skills, creating sustainable growth in support of the Government’s strategy for a diverse, dynamic economy.

Comparative to other economies further ashore, the Island boasts low unemployment rates of just 1.6% (recorded April 2016). However, the Isle of Man has to deal with the challenge of skills gaps which now occur in specialised sectors, such as Health, Technical and Engineering - who are recruiting within workers who lack the skills required in that field.  With the manufacturing sector creating up to 80 new jobs a year, competing against the emergence of new industries such as ecommerce, where growth is rapid and specialised skills are not yet a requirement, the local economy is fast on the tipping point, where employment from further afield is becoming necessary to maintain services on Island - highlighting the necessity to develop a highly skilled local workforce in order to ensure continued future successes.  The Isle of Man Engineering and Manufacturing website aims to champion the Engineering sector by creating a resource to inform and encourage people from an early age to undertake further training into more highly skilled jobs, beginning to close the skills gap within the industry.

In addition to relevant resources and guidance, the website features latest news and events updates, and showcases local job opportunities and companies within the engineering & manufacturing sector. The website uses a real time job vacancy feed from employed.im, where companies can list their opportunities for free and job seekers can quickly find local career building opportunities.  

The site is filled with useful resources and insights to spark people’s interest and hopefully inspire them to pursue a career in engineering. It includes advice on training options for people at any stage in their career such as Key Stage students, undergraduates, apprenticeships and individuals already in employment but seeking a career change. Interviews from previous Engineering students now working in industry provides first-hand accounts of their experiences and also advice for people considering following in their footsteps.

Sector Skills Champion, Adrian Harrison explains the importance of the new careers hub; “The sector hopes that bringing the information together and presenting it on the website will help people all over our island understand what engineering is, what the sector does on the island towards engineering and how people can develop the skills needed to be have a very rewarding career in our sector. I’d like to thank the great team at PDMS for all their hard work in helping deliver a great new careers resource for the Isle of Man”

Dedicated to raising awareness of the industry, Adrian also hosts the annual Isle of Man Engineering & Manufacturing careers event every March, promoting the Foundation Apprenticeship in Engineering Course (first two years of the sectors Apprenticeship Scheme – applications being taken now), run in conjunction with the University College Isle of Man, where employers, students and prospective students are encouraged to get involved to see for themselves the types of exciting careers and lifestyles are available.

Local software company PDMS has developed employed.im to help connect employment, education and skills on the Island. By combining the PDMS Employed careers and membership platform with great graphic design skills, they are developing a number of new websites for organisations on the Island including the recently launched Employers Federation website.

Visit www.engineeringiom.com/ to explore and discover what the Island’s Engineering and Manufacturing sector has to offer.

Feedback on the site is openly welcomed, aiding the sector in building skills of individuals and businesses is at the heart. Adrian Harrison endeavours to create strong and secure career paths for anyone embarking on the journey from any stage or level of their own careers. Contact Adrian by email [email protected] or call +44 7624 498769 for more information.