PDMS have partnered with Manx Telecom to launch a cloud computing solution for UK Government public sector organisations procuring services from the Digital Marketplace, G-Cloud.

Manx Telecom’s Cloud Compute platform is a fully managed, dual data centre, infrastructure-as-a-service solution, offering clients enterprise networking, servers, and storage. It delivers scalable, on-demand computing services, faster, cheaper and more flexibly than designing and deploying traditional dedicated hardware based solutions. It can also be purchased in a number of very flexible ways to match a particular client’s specific project and procurement needs. 

IT decision makers today are continually faced with escalating data centre infrastructure and administrative costs from hardware acquisition, management, power and cooling to real estate and disaster recovery. Manx Telecom’s Cloud Compute platform, powered by VMware and Cisco USC, is designed to help customers reduce these costs by turning proven industry-standard hardware into hardware-agnostic enterprise-class virtual infrastructure. The suite is designed to allow entire server, storage and network farms to be managed as a shared utility and to be securely and dynamically allocated to different clients, business units or projects. Manx Telecom and PDMS are committed to increasing the delivery of Isle of Man Plc services internationally.

Cloud compute is available from the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace (www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk) which enables public sector organisations to quickly and easily access and contract a range of digital services, including cloud technology, via its G-Cloud framework. At the heart of this solution are Manx Telecom’s two Tier 3 designed data centres providing the ideal secure base for delivery of services to the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace.     

PDMS is a G-Cloud 7 approved supplier – G-Cloud 7 being the latest generation of the framework which was only launched in November 2015.

Chris Gledhill, Managing Director of PDMS, commented: “This partnership is a great example of two local technology companies joining forces to provide cloud solutions for export – in this case to the wider UK public sector which is one of the most advanced consumers of IT infrastructure services in the world. PDMS is already working with a number of clients via the G-Cloud which offers a much simpler and cost effective way for the public sector to procure cloud services through an Amazon like store. Manx Telecom’s Cloud Compute service is a welcome addition to our range of G-Cloud solutions and offers central and local government access to state of the art, enterprise class, virtual hardware.”

Stephen Kane, Head of Data Centre and Managed Services at Manx Telecom, added: “We are delighted to partner with PDMS to jointly extend the reach and sale of our Cloud Compute services into the UK Public Sector. Having seen increasing client demand for our data centre and cloud services we continue to develop our range of dedicated, shared or hybrid managed cloud platforms, and disaster recovery solutions. The latest great news for our data centre business unit is the completion of the second phase of our Tier 3 designed Greenhill Data Centre. The Digital Marketplace G-Cloud provides a great channel for us to quickly access new public sector clients and to explain the many unique opportunities we offer, both as the Isle of Man’s primary telecommunications provider, and as a supplier of international connectivity and data centre solutions. We can, of course, only support such highly demanding customers by investing in the correct infrastructure, services and people. Having already committed capital in excess of £25 million we are now the only provider on the Island which owns and operates two diverse Tier 3 designed data centres with resilient high capacity fibre networks, connecting them and businesses around the Island, globally.”

For more information about G-Cloud and the Digital Marketplace, click here.