Here at PDMS we’ve had an extremely busy year, particularly over the last few weeks through our involvement in numerous employability programmes and work placement schemes.

PDMS is strongly involved in issues surrounding employability and are always looking for ways to support our local communities. In addition to providing 6 internships and 7 school work placements internally, we’ve used our platform to administer the Isle of Man’s entire work experience programme, delivering placements to almost 1000 Yr 10 and 11 students.

We have provided a number of internship opportunities in Glasgow, with previous students from the University of the West of Scotland joining us last year to work part-time in conjunction with their courses. As a result, Ewa Doniec was offered a permanent role as an Assistant Web Developer upon graduation. Two undergraduate students have also joined for summer placements after finishing their first year at university. In Glasgow, Public Relations student, Erin Dunn has joined the team to work on a number of marketing projects, and in the Isle of Man, Keiren Rowney, who has just completed his first year studying Computer Security with Forensics, has joined our Infrastructure team.

Not stopping there, PDMS also support wider work experience programmes, and this summer A-Level student Lewis Dawson has taken up a place with the development team at PDMS' office in the Isle of Man under the ‘Career Ready’ internship scheme. Career Ready is a scheme that links employers to schools and colleges to open up the world of working in Information Technology to young people.

Peter Quayle and Lewis

PDMS COO and Career Ready mentor Peter Quayle working with Lewis Dawson  

We are also pleased to announce that we are due to take part in the Manx ICT Association (MICTA) apprenticeship programme. MICTA members, together with the Department of Economic Development and University College Isle of Man, have developed a new two-year Digital Apprenticeship Scheme, giving young people the opportunity to work for some of the most exciting and dynamic companies in the ICT sector. Participants will combine workplace experience, with classroom and remote learning. The Apprentices will be employed for the duration of the apprenticeship, paid a wage and gain exposure to the ICT community on the Island.

Furthermore, we have been continuing our involvement with the University College of Man (UCM). Each year, PDMS is involved with a number of UCM projects for students studying at different levels in Information Technology, endeavouring to provide valuable, real-world briefs for student projects. We are also involved with Junior Achievement and other mentoring programmes, such as MCR Pathways.

UCM students present their final project to Research Vannin and PDMS

UCM students present their final project to Research Vannin and PDMS 

Work experience gives students an opportunity to experience the world of work, allowing them to make informed choices about their career path. Such placements develop important personal skills such as confidence, communication and independence. It’s always such a pleasure to see the difference just a weeks placement can make, with an initially shy student gaining confidence and learning skills! It’s also an opportunity for employers to gain perspectives from younger people and develop mentoring skills.

PDMS is deeply invested in employability issues locally and further afield, which is why 8 years ago we decided to set up PDMS Employed in the form of Manx Graduates, something which has since come on a long way. Through our dedicated team, we have developed our technology to enhance and improve the way employability programmes are managed for both students and employers – joining up education and the labour market. In 2016 alone, PDMS Employed is being used to deliver the Isle of Man’s work experience programme through, coordinating 1,500 weeks of placements for the 5 secondary schools throughout the academic year. This technology is now also being used in business for membership and employment opportunities management, saving administrative time and effort. Our clients include Fife Council, Manchester Textiles and Skills Portal, Manx ICT Association and the Isle of Man Construction Federation.

At PDMS we aim to continue improving our efforts in helping to develop young people’s careers and expanding our efforts beyond our local communities. If you would like to find out more about the opportunities we offer and the work we do concerning employability, please get in touch with Richard Graham at PDMS. Or, if we've sparked your interest and you want to apply for the MICTA apprenticeship, then head over to to prepare your CV and apply online here!