PDMS' sponsorship supports collaboration between aquatic scientists from around the world.

Liverpool Aquatic Biodiversity & Ecosystems

PDMS has strong links with the maritime community and a historic relationship with the University of Liverpool; many of PDMS' early projects were bourne out of these relationships and involved the creation of systems which contributed to scientific research and conservation within the Irish Sea dating back to the University's involvement in the marine laboratory in Port Erin.  

The Aquatic Biodiversity and Ecosystems Conference was a meeting for aquatic scientists with a focus on evolution, and long-term change - particularly how these shape patterns of biodiversity and the relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Over 300 delegates from over 40 countries came to the conference representing all continents with a stellar line up of keynote speakers.

PDMS' Managing Director, Chris Gledhill and many members of the senior team at PDMS were involved with the marine laboratory either as students or through family and friends. Commenting on the sponsorship, Chris was delighted to sponsor the event: "When the opportunity arouse to sponsor the conference it was a pleasure to support a community who contributed to our early success. Our sponsorship enabled continued collaboration between aquatic scientists from around the world which began on the Isle of Man."

The conference also marked Professor Steve Hawkins' retirement from "wearing a suit". His contribution to science was recognised through the presentation of "The Hawkins Collection" - 50 limpet shells from a range of aquatic habitats (freshwater, coastal & deep sea) donated by aquatic scientists from all over the globe. The collection provided a visual testament to Steve's impact on people's lives and careers.