On 27th February, Chris and David had the privilege of spending a day in and around the Scottish Parliament.

In the morning they met with Margaret McCulloch MSP, Gerry Croall from life SKILLS Scotland and Arthur McIvor who is the Chief Executive of the Scottish Parliament and Business Exchange, to discuss PDMS and the various links between Scotland and the Isle of Man.

Pictured left to right: Gerry Croall, David Stickland, Margaret McCulloch and Chris Gledhill.

Following their meeting, Chris and David were able to attend the First Minister's questions and have a quick tour of the Scottish Parliament.

To finish off the day Chris and David observed a Cross Party Group discussion on skills and development with a view to being involved in the next discussion. "It was a great day and we had some very good discussions around PDMS and how we can serve Scotland in a similar vein to the way we have served the Isle of Man for the past 20 years", David said.