Congratulations to the Conversion Project team at Manx Gas who have been short-listed for 2 awards in the 2013 Gas Industry Awards, in conjunction with the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers and the Energy and Utilities Alliance.

Manx Gas Bus

Manx Gas has been nominated in two Gas Industry categories - Safety and Customer Service - both in relation to the recent successful natural gas conversion project. The project, which commenced in 2011 was completed on time and under budget at the end of 2012, was a  major undertaking for Manx Gas and involved surveying and converting over 9000 appliances in 67000 homes and businesses on the Isle of Man.  

The project helped to significantly improve the safety of some gas appliances with engineers removing 420 dangerous gas fires, making safe 114 immediately dangerous appliances and resolving 4,200 minor safety issues for customers (at no cost to the customer).  

Throughout the project, a great deal of emphasis was placed on customer communication and delivering high levels of customer satisfaction.  A converted bus provided a mobile support unit,  following the team around and ensuring that customers had access to all the support they needed right outside their own homes.  Manx Gas carried out an ongoing customer satisfaction survey which revealed high levels of customer satisfaction and over 150 positive comments. 

PDMS worked in partnership with Manx Gas to deliver an IT solution to help administer and manage the natural gas conversion project drawing on PDMS' experience of the gas sector through our work with Centrica and our expertise in mobile solutions.  

This project was a great example of how the effective use of technology can help increase efficiencies, improve customer service and also achieve significant cost savings.  From a technical perspective it was also a great demonstration of the benefits of mobile technology.  Manx Gas used the solution to schedule and monitor work in real time. The system used 3G mobile network to send data back to and synchronise data with the Central Conversion System managed by the central project team.  Giving the engineers access to real-time up to date information was absolutely critical to the success of the conversion project.

The awards will be announced at the Gas Industry Awards lunch, a prestigious annual event which is being held in London on the 7th May.  The lunch is attended by over 600 senior representatives of the gas industry and John Hayes, Minister of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change is presenting the keynote address. The very best of luck to Aidan Baglow and the rest of the team at Manx Gas!