Last week we had the privilege of sponsoring the College Development Network Emporium Finale. This event was an opportunity to share best practice and ideas on the topic of developing Scotland’s workforce.

Representatives from Skills Development Scotland, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, SQA, Education Scotland and Colleges Scotland were amongst the speakers who spoke on a number of engaging topics. It was clear to everyone at the event that there is a plethora of services dedicated to improving the skills and employability of our workforce. For example, Foundation Apprenticeships are giving young people early exposure to the world of work; The Princes Trust are providing NEET’s with vital work experience opportunities; Glasgow Chamber of Commerce are creating new links to employers for the three colleges in their area; BEMIS are providing a pathway for Ethnic Minorities to get into Modern Apprenticeships.

There was plenty of time to network during the event, which provided a good opportunity to reflect on the content of the presentations. During this time everyone was upbeat about the industry and the vast amount of attention being given to equipping Scotland’s workforce and future workforce with the skills they need for the world of work.

Due to the increased focus in this area, colleges and other education providers are now managing more relationships with learners, employers and schools in multiple different programmes like work placements, mentoring, apprenticeships and employment. Therefore, the industry must be smart about how it operates to ensure services are presented clearly to those who need them most and public investment is used efficiently.

We sponsored the event because we believe PDMS Employed is the piece of the jigsaw that can bring all of these excellent services together into one manageable place. We were able to highlight this during our workshop session where we provided a short case study covering our work in the Isle of Man and Fife Council. In Fife Council, we have launched a pilot of PDMS Employed which is already creating a bridge between High Schools, Fife College and Fife Council. This is ensuring Fife Council residents have one central skills and employability portal and splits one IT service between three separate groups.

Please do get in touch if you were at the CDN Finale but didn’t get a chance to speak with the us.