The Government Cloud ("G-Cloud") is a UK Government initiative aimed at improving and standardising the way central and local government procure and deliver information technology...

What is the G-Cloud?

The Government Cloud ("G-Cloud") is a UK Government initiative aimed at improving and standardising the way central and local government procure and deliver information technology, by allowing better like-for-like comparison of services and products offered by around 2000 SMEs and larger IT suppliers through the 'Digital Marketplace'.

The G-Cloud is also intended to reduce public sector dependence on large and lengthy IT contracts, decreasing costs, speeding up deployment and ultimately, increasing flexibility to meet service demand. With a concentrated focus on a procurement criteria emphasising better value for money, the G-Cloud seeks to improve technologically enabled public services and service delivery.

Now in its sixth iteration since 2012, the initiative has channelled expenditure of £336m in the course of one year during 2014 alone, up from £86m. According to Tony Singleton, Director of Government Digital Services, this equates to savings of up to 50% for over a third of local government organisations who have used the G-Cloud to procure IT.

G-Cloud and the public sector

Whilst these latest statistics are incredibly promising, what it does say is that a massive two thirds of local government organisations are yet to procure IT through the G-Cloud, despite a very positive uptake by central Government, who account for 76% of all G-Cloud purchases. In fact, Tony Singleton commented in 2013 that only 20% of local government authorities had even heard of the G-Cloud, and to date spend on the G-Cloud only represents about 4% of total public sector ICT spend.


How could procurement via the G-Cloud impact me?

In terms of impact, engaging with the G-Cloud makes procurement less risky, as suppliers are approved and offerings re-listed every 6 months, ensuring high transparency of products and services. Procuring through the G-Cloud also ensures public sector access to the latest technologies and solutions, therefore encouraging dynamic and responsive procurement.

Perhaps more importantly, G-Cloud procurement represents a huge opportunity for the ongoing success of Government organisations and agencies, at a time when the need to find huge cost savings across all areas of expenditure is high on the agenda. Embracing the G-Cloud allows any public sector organisation to move quickly and at low cost, delivering better public services to the taxpayer through affordable, valuable and workable solutions.


Working with PDMS on the G-Cloud

Engaging with the G-Cloud initiative with supplier status since its launch, we are pleased to offer Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service and Specialist Cloud Services via the Digital Marketplace, including:

  • Software development
  • Foundations TM web based business systems
  • Umbraco Content Management Systems
  • DoxShare cloud-based document management
  • MARIS international ship registry solution
  • PaySolve payroll software
  • PDMS Employed online employability platform
  • Hosting and Managed Services


With a strong track record in delivering public sector efficiencies through technology for the past 21 years, we have helped the UK Government reduce IT costs and improve security as part of business and digital transformation agendas across a variety of projects. Some of the public sector clients we have worked with include:

  • Aberdeen Airport
  • Hertfordshire Constabulary
  • National Health Service (Commercial Medicines Unit)
  • National Health Service (Purchasing and Supply Agency)
  • Police National Legal Database
  • Sport Scotland
  • Staffordshire County Council
  • UK Crown Commercial Service


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With offices in the Isle of Man, London and Glasgow, we're an SME that's proud to provide real innovation to both central and local government agencies. As long term technology partners to our public sector clients, we take the time to understand the issues facing Government organisations.

Further help 

If you are working within the public sector and are yet to engage with the G-Cloud and Digital Marketplace, and would like us to help, speak to us about your requirements. We've already helped public sector organisations such as the University of West Scotland procure through the G-Cloud for the very first time.

You can also download our free guide for public sector organisations: 'Everything you need to know about G-Cloud and the Digital Marketplace' (PDF). This guide explains in simple terms, the benefits of using the G-Cloud, who can use the G-Cloud and how the entire process works.

For more information, please get in touch.