We recently updated our hosting and managed services section of our website to include information on data protection in the Isle of Man...

... an informative supplement to our ISO security outline that you can read more about in our quality overview.

In summary, this supplement on Isle of Man Data Protection states how, despite the Isle of Man not being inside the European Economic Area (EEA), storing data on the Isle of Man does not conflict the principle of not transferring data outside of the EEA, as confirmed by the member states of the EEA. (If you'd like to read up more on this you can visit the European Parliament Agreement and Isle of Man Government Overseas Transfer documents).

However whilst we have told you about how seriously the Isle of Man takes data protection, and how PDMS are registered with both the Isle of Man and UK Data Protection Authorities, we thought that it would be really useful to outline why using the Isle of Man for data protection actually has its benefits.

The first of these benefits is that when storing your data on the Isle of Man, your data will stay on the Isle of Man, and not float from one country to another simply because the price of data storage changes.

Another key benefit is that there is no worry about your data being automatically requested from governments and companies, unlike in countries such as America, where automatic access to data has become a big problem for many people. In the Isle of Man, data cannot be transferred off a client's server without an Isle of Man court order.

So when asking about data protection in the Isle of Man, hopefully you will have a much more informed idea of how it works and the benefits.

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