If you follow PDMS, you will be aware that we opened our Glasgow office in April this year.

What a year to open an office in Scotland - the same year as the Independence Referendum, the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

We didn't open an office in any old location, we specifically chose the Hub - the digital media quarter of the city. It's a very exciting, innovative, thriving and popular area to be in and it just so happens that it is located right in the middle of where the Commonwealth Games action took place.

Aside from doubling the length of our Glasgow based staff's commute, the games proved to be a big success and the atmosphere around the city was warm and exciting. As a technology company, we are constantly looking out for the technology that contributes to the success of these huge events. Unfortunately, we arrived a little too late in Glasgow to take part in the provision of services, but we were still able to watch in admiration as the mammoth technological task took place.

Did you know 2,400 desktops and laptops, 2300 monitors, 50 servers and storage solutions were used across 40 competition and non-competition sites?

Although Usain Bolt and the giant tea cakes stole the show, it would be an oversight not to acknowledge the work that went into the technological aspect of the games. Preparation began four years ago with the appointment of a Director of Technology for the games and he built a team to deliver the solution. Everything from specific apps for the games, giant video display screens, ticketing, social media, timekeeping and scoring had to be driven by technology.

Technology wasn't just used for organisation and media, it was used to attract people to the areas that surrounded the stadiums. One of the most popular attractions was the chance to race a digital Usain Bolt over 33 metres. It was a great opportunity for kids and enthusiastic adults to race the fastest man of all time.

All in all, the Games were a major success and it was a pleasure, despite the extended commute, to be located in the middle of all of the excitement.