Twenty years ago on a rainy day in February a new company was born right here in the Isle of Man...

PDMS Limited was determined to help its customers get the best out of their computers, data and networks, and to do so by applying the best standards of software engineering to create systems, which both do the job, and stay the distance.  As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are still firmly based in the Isle of Man and are serving customers all over the world. In some respects our industry has transformed the world and yet the challenges of building well engineered and sustainable business systems are still exactly the same.

We are very proud of what we have achieved and very grateful to all of the people who have worked with us over the years as members of our team or as customers, suppliers or collaborators. One of the founding principles of PDMS was to help our partners make better use of their information assets - or, in plain English, be better informed about their own activities. With this in mind I have taken a look at some of our own activities over the years with a view to painting a picture of PDMS by numbers

  • We have amassed a collective experience base of over 600 man/woman developer years in all aspects of software engineering.
    Over 43,000 customer support cases have been raised and resolved in the last ten years - 6000 of them by a single individual - you know who you are…
  • Ten years ago we employed 30 people of whom more than 50% are still with us today.
  • 80% of companies registered in 1993 will have ceased trading but two thirds of companies who made it to ten years are still around.
  • We help provide over 200,000 police officers with access to up to date legal information ATC.
  • In twenty years we have employed 173 people of 21 different nationalities for a total of about 700 man years.
  • We have provided our staff with more than half a million cups of tea and coffee and used 15,000 litres of Manx milk in the process.
  • Our application framework which lies at the heart of almost all of our developments contains 50,000 lines of computer code each one of which has been written an average of three times and tested at least 50 times!
  • We have donated £250,000 to local causes and provided £250,000 in services in kind.
  • In 1993 1% of telecommunications traffic was internet related - today it is 97%.
  • The web domain (just).
  • Our projects have been shortlisted for 16 national industry awards in the UK and have been highly commended 3 times and won 5 times - most recently Manx Gas's fantastic Customer service award! 
  • We have implemented systems in over 12 different languages.
  • In a typical week PDMS consumes 1200 Jelly Beans, 30 Pieces of Flapjack, 60 Lollipop cakes (or near equivalents) and this excludes bouts of competitive or charitable cake baking…
  • Our staff have walked, run, cycled or swum for over 2000 miles in local sporting events.
  • There are more people visiting the web site every month than the total population of internet users in 1993.
  • We have written over 150 Money Media articles.
  • We've helped record over 1.5 million items of seized, stolen or lost property in the West Midlands area.
  • The Southern Nomads have won 9 trophies since we started sponsoring the team in 2006.
  • 172,000 mobile phone billing events processed through our software every single day. This is generated by an average of 12,000 individual devices connected for a grand total of 28,000 hours every day.

So with this wealth of (utterly reliable) statistical information what can we say about the future for PDMS and for the technology sector in general? Well, whilst past performance can never guarantee the future, I think our ongoing commitment to sugary snacks, caffeinated beverages, and really well engineered software is assured…