"So what do you do in a typical day?"

But isn't marketing just advertising?

I was recently chatting to a friend's teenage daughter who was debating different career options. She asked me what I did for a living and when I explained that I worked in marketing she replied "ah isn't that just advertising - coming up with cool slogans and meerkats and stuff". Well not exactly I explained, "So what do you do in a typical day?" she asked and "Why is a job in marketing so interesting?" So here goes, a typical Monday in the life of a very busy marketer.

After the obligatory cup of coffee, the day starts with a quick catch up with the rest of the team (Katie in the Isle of Man and Alice in London) using the marketing team's Trello Board to review all the urgent tasks for the week. Trello is a great online tool for helping teams manage tasks, it's basically a very easy to use, on-line whiteboard where you create cards for tasks and assign them to different people. If you get the chance - take a look yourself at www.trello.com.

Priorities for this week include making the final arrangements for an event at which we are exhibiting. Our CDP (Controlled Document Portal) product helps organisations manage, control and share key documents securely in the cloud, and it is now available for the whole of the UK public sector to purchase on their GCloud framework. We are exhibiting at a major conference taking place in London, ThinkGCloud, so have to ensure that we've got everything we need including stands, literature, monitors, presentations etc. and that our representative on the stand is fully briefed. We also need to quickly update our website to let everyone know that we'll be there and on which stand they can find us.

Now that everything for the exhibition is in hand, the next task is drafting an award entry for one of our clients. The deadline is looming for the TechweekEurope Awards and we've got a great entry for the mobile category with a project that has helped improve customer satisfaction and saved our client over half a million pounds. Industry awards are a great way of generating PR for both PDMS and our clients and we've got such a good story to tell that writing the entry isn't too challenging. This project would make a really interesting video case study and I add this idea to Trello with a quick e-mail to our client to check that they wouldn't have any objections to having a starring role. Another cup of coffee and a sneaky chocolate from the rather large box at the end of the office, helps stimulate my writing skills. Entry now completed and forwarded on to our client for their comments, and a quick glance at Trello tells me that my next task is to review and assess the results of a recent campaign we ran in a public sector bulletin, that helped get our name in front of 40,000 potential public sector clients in the UK.

Although we do a great deal of work in the public sector, we also work with clients across a range of sectors and my calendar now reminds me that I'm due in a meeting to discuss our growing maritime business. A member of our business development team is off to the International Boat show in Fort Lauderdale Florida, so we discuss how the marketing team can best support his activities whilst he is out there and also catch up on some interesting new maritime related product developments. The meeting generates a whole new set of marketing activities from setting up a new maritime portal through to some detailed market research to make sure that all of our product development efforts are focused on helping resolve real business issues for our clients (and prospective clients!). I add these to the Trello Board and wonder if I'll ever get to the point where the number of completed tasks is larger than the number of outstanding tasks!

After lunch, I catch up with Jim our designer to review some design changes to our website and some infographics we are producing on canvas to display on the walls of our new London offices. We've recently moved to new premises in Chancery Lane, which provide our London team with more spacious surroundings and lots of white walls that need brightening up. We are really fortunate to have a great in-house designer whose skills cover both online and printed media and who provides a great service, not only to our external clients, but also to our own marketing department.

Designs agreed and after a short debate (over another cup of coffee) with colleagues about the merits of Google+ and its potential use in the business to business sector, it's time to dial into a meeting with our partners in the UK Cloud Alliance. The UK Cloud Alliance is a consortium of IT service providers who provide specialist support to companies to help them solve their most pressing operational challenges whilst also delivering financial and operational benefits. PDMS together with Star and Ubertas (3 key members of the alliance), recently held a workshop in Scotland to explain how the cloud can add real value when it is used to deliver key line of business systems, above and beyond the current focus on "utility" type applications such as e-mail. This meeting provides us with an opportunity to review the feedback from the workshop and discuss our plans for future joint marketing activities.

A quick glance at my watch and as usual the day has flown by, just one hour left to catch up on some e-mails, review our website analytics and any Google alerts which mention PDMS and, finally in the last 10 minutes of the day, attempt to read some of the many, but very useful, marketing and industry bulletins that have landed in my inbox.

So there you go - no meerkats or slick slogans - but from my personal experience, a career in marketing, whatever the specific business sector, is varied and interesting. Yes it's often challenging due to the constant and fast rate of change, there are always new technologies and channels emerging which help us build and maintain relationships with our customers, and new products and services to launch - but at the end of the day we wouldn't have it any other way!