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The women in tech at PDMS: Tersia Christoforos

Insight Published on 16 March 2023

UX Designer, Tersia Christoforos, started her career in graphic design and discusses how having a career in technology has worked for her and women in general.

Upon opening her own bespoke design agency, she found that several of her clients needed website design and so Tersia saw this as an opportunity to broaden her service offering and to expand her skillset.  

Tersia’s interest in design stemmed from her love of being creative, saying “I love solving puzzles and enjoy creative processes. Seeing something evolve from nothing to initial concepts through to a fully working system is very satisfying. Therefore, working in tech and in the UX Design field is another extension of expressing myself and has given me a creative outlet whilst at work.” 

We spoke to Tersia about what it means to be a woman in the tech industry where she noted how fortunate she feels as:

“Personally, I don’t see myself as a woman in tech but as an individual who is judged on merit.” 

Tech is a flexible industry with lots of opportunities for women 

When discussing the barriers facing women entering the industry, Tersia notes that there are far less women in technology than in many other industries. She argues that this could be due to a few factors including an unconscious bias that tech jobs are not for women, and the fact that there are not many well-known female role models in the industry. 

Tersia adds: “When I was much younger, the main obstacle I faced was that some employers would be reluctant to hire me because I was a young woman and would potentially have children which would require more time off.”  

“However, technology is an industry with so many opportunities and roles available. Plus, the industry is very flexible, meaning that you can work remotely and work flexible hours if needed. You can even freelance and generate your own income out of it without needing to be employed. Therefore, this actually makes tech a great industry for anyone with young children, including women!” 

These conversations need to start at home 

Tersia notes that in order to create a more diverse future in the technology industry, the support and encouragement needs to start at home. 

“There needs to be more support from parents and caregivers at home and young girls need to be taught to believe in themselves. We need to be having conversations with our daughters to encourage them to follow whatever career path they are interested in – it doesn’t matter what gender they are.” 

Tersia also adds that there needs to be more women in leadership roles and mentors to inspire and encourage young women. 

“Having a diverse workforce gives a company a wider perspective, better creativity and problem-solving skills because you see things from another point of view which is always beneficial.” 

Tersia’s number one piece of advice to younger generations entering the technology industry:

“My number one piece of advice would be to never stop learning because it’s an industry that is constantly changing so you cannot expect to do one course and then that’s it. You have to continuously upskill and improve yourself – it’s part of the journey and is part of what makes it interesting because there’s always something new to work on. I would also say to always believe in yourself and step outside of your comfort zone!” 

If you are interested in a career in tech with PDMS then we would love to hear from you - we're committed to helping people get a start in technology careers! Just send your CV to [email protected] with an email explaining why you think you can fit into the team. 


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