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PDMS Partners with GlobalSign for Advanced Electronic Signatures

News Published on 07 June 2022

GlobalSign, a global Certificate Authority (CA) and leading provider of digital signing, identity and security solutions for the IoT, has announced a technology partnership with PDMS.

PDMS is using GlobalSign’s Advanced digital signing solution to offer its ship registry clients and international regulators peace of mind for the authenticity and validity of documents, their signatures and organisational identity.

GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service (DSS) enables PDMS to issue comprehensive digital certificates via its popular MARIS platform, one of the world’s top technology solutions for international ship registries. As a result, paper-based certificates once couriered around the world can now be delivered digitally to a regulator, onboard a ship or to a seafarer in minutes.

With 200,000+ seafarers managed and 100 million of gross vessel tonnage registered to the MARIS platform, end-to-end security is a priority for customers. With high volumes of digital information managed, PDMS believes a layered security approach is a must. This includes the ability to sign digital documents safely, easily and effectively across various stages of a registry’s operational workflow.

"With DSS, PDMS can now power ship registry clients to issue comprehensive digital certificates via MARIS. The solution GlobalSign has created with us is a game-changer. It gives our users peace-of-mind for the authenticity and validity of documents, their signatures and the organizational identity." Bruce McGregor, Director at PDMS.

GlobalSign fit the bill as a globally-recognized Qualified Trusted Service Provider and CA – combined with an ability to collaborate as a technical partner. GlobalSign’s innovative DSS allows users to deploy digital signatures into any application with one simple REST API integration. This means all supporting cryptographic elements are provided in one API with little development or overhead – and no on-premises hardware to manage. GlobalSign’s DSS reduces the latency and overhead that often comes with homegrown digital signature solutions. 

When a document is submitted for digital signature via MARIS, an algorithm of the PDF is sent to the signing authority. The value is based on the full content of the PDF document, and then digitally signed by encrypting the hash value with the signer’s private key and returned in the new PDF. When viewed in the PDF viewer, the document hash is decrypted using a public key. If the decrypted values match, users receive verification the document was signed by the signing authority and has not been tampered with. 

"Our easy, seamless process makes it possible for PDMS customers worldwide to significantly reduce manhours, cut costs, and have the utmost confidence in their digital signature process. We are very pleased to work with them and to have provided a solution that meets their needs." Andreas Brix, Program Manager at GlobalSign.

PDMS is the technology partner of choice for some of the world’s most innovative organisations – solving real-world problems with powerful software and digital transformation strategies. One of the core solutions in its suite is MARIS, the leading digital solution for international ship registries. The secure, cloud-based, and flexible enterprise platform seamlessly manages ship registries’ compliance with maritime regulations and business-critical functions. 

The holistic offering goes beyond registry, survey, and seafarer functions to include workflow management, document storage, certificate production, fiscal management, and reporting. The system also produces and stores a wide range of documents – from survey certificates to invoices.

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