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My 5 week placement at PDMS

Insight Published on 14 June 2021

Starting out at PDMS

As a person with Asperger Syndrome, trying something new and “off schedule” can be very nerve–wracking for me.

My first day at PDMS was very much something new. Questions kept flying around in my head: How would I get started in the role? Would I be able to work well with the other team members?

While I did have some genuine worries on my first day, for some reason I vividly remember being most nervous about whether or not my clothes in keeping with the dress code!

However, after the first day, all my worries and questions had been answered and washed away. Everybody in the team and the office was extremely friendly and everybody followed the dress code like me – casual t shirts and jeans/trousers. I always expected that when I went to a workplace for the first time, everything and everyone would be serious and rigid but it was the exact opposite at PDMS – everybody was friendly, funny, and welcoming and I felt myself enjoying being at work.

My placement at PDMS was based in the Design team – assisting the team members and picking up some of their workload. I wasn’t overworked and in the same respect wasn’t underworked or allowed to coast through. I felt really comfortable doing my role which I think played a part in my successful work experience. The job itself was very fun; being creative and coming up with different ideas for logos, websites, blogs was very enjoyable.

 The experience also allowed me to be introduced to different design tools and techniques and familiarise myself with them. I used MailChimp, Unsplash, Adobe XD, Umbraco, WordPress and I also got to expand my knowledge of coding languages including Python, CSS, HTML and JavaScript. I have been exposed to so many different design tools and techniques and gained a number of skills which I had no prior knowledge of.

As a whole, my five weeks at PDMS have been unforgettable. When I first applied for my work experience placement, I didn’t expect to be trusted with half of the important assignments I have had throughout my time here. I have been treated in the same way as any other employee on the team and given the same (if not more) opportunities. While PDMS couldn’t offer me an apprenticeship due to the pandemic, they were kind enough to give me a 5 week work experience placement.

My insight and knowledge into the user experience and design has increased tenfold and I feel I have also gained an understanding as to what would be expected of me when I start my full-time career. Anyone who is thinking of applying for any work placement, be it full-time, part-time or an apprenticeship, just take it! You will not regret it!