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What is VillaGaiety?

VillaGaiety is the Isle of Man’s historic arts centre and gardens complex, incorporating three venues: the Villa Marina, the Gaiety Theatre and the Broadway Cinema. These venues host a wide variety of events and shows including concerts, cinema, live comedy and sports tournaments such as chess, boxing and all-star wrestling.

An image of the outside of the Gaiety Theatre in the Isle of Man

Existing website called for visual improvement

VillaGaiety management felt their website needed to be refreshed to improve customer experience and ultimately make it easier to access up-to-date event information and purchase tickets.  They briefed PDMS to design and build a new website for them, to meet this objective and ensure the process to purchase tickets was simplified when using mobiles and tablets.

A laptop with a copy of the old VillaGaeity website before it was redeveloped by PDMS

Revamped website with enhanced features for the end user

The PDMS design team created a high impact, visually engaging website showcasing the diverse events and integrating seamlessly with the VillaGaiety’s ticketing partner, TicketSolve. Built in Umbraco Content Management System, the site also has a number of custom features such as interactive seating plans which allow users to research the view from specific seating zones in the Royal  Hall, cinema and theatre,  and to check out various function rooms and bookable facilities using 360 virtual tours.

A screenshot of the new VillaGaeity website which was designed and created by PDMS

Analytics produce effective results

The team at VillaGaiety was delighted with the new and visually improved website, which was reflected in its new branding with the introduction of a blog and social media integration.  This website now has the ability to exhibit the many diverse events hosted at its three venues, making it easier for the end user to access this information and purchase tickets.  Analytics have produced success figures demonstrating a 20% bounce rate reduction and a 24% increase in transactions.

Joseph Morphet, Marketing Officer at the VillaGaiety commented, “The team at PDMS has been great to work with, with their professional and knowledgeable approach.  Here at the VillaGaiety we are extremely happy with the final product and feel it has exceeded our objectives, with customers already giving us lots of positive feedback.”
An image of Google Analytics results displayed on a laptop screen