Delivering digital services to government

Digital Outcomes and Specialists is a dynamic style framework with the specific aim of helping the public sector buy, design, build and deliver digital outcomes using an agile approach, by procuring the appropriate specialist resource to deliver agile software development. 

PDMS can currently provide a range of services via the framework including web, system and mobile app development. We are currently   on:

  • Lot 1 – Digital outcomes: teams to build and support a digital service
  • Lot 2 – Digital specialists: individual specialists to deliver a specific outcome with defined deliverables on a service, programme or project.

The buying process is straightforward and includes the following steps:

  1. Prepare your draft requirements.
  2. Get approval to buy what you need.
  3. Write and publish your requirements on the Digital Marketplace. They will be publicly available.
  4. Answer supplier questions.
  5. Review and score ‘essential’ and ‘nice-to-have’ skills and experience to create your shortlist.
  6. If your shortlist is too long, ask suppliers for evidence.
  7. Invite shortlisted suppliers to the assessment stage.
  8. Evaluate proposals and presentations to find the right supplier for your needs.
  9. Award a contract and give feedback to unsuccessful suppliers.
  10. Publish the contract on Contracts Finder.
  11. Complete the Digital Outcomes and Specialists buyer benefits form.

Digital Outcomes and Specialists is available through the Digital Marketplace

If you have a digital project, please get in touch and we can help talk you through the government frameworks and processes.