Helping the public sector improve productivity and customer service

Innovation and how it can help achieve added value has been a cornerstone of many public sector organisation's strategic agendas over the last few years. We work in collaboration with clients – such as the Police National Legal Database (PNLD) team - to help move core services to an online delivery model and to develop innovative new services. 

Today, public sector bodies must exceed the expectations of technology savvy citizens who demand digital experiences from products and services via multiple touchpoints. Digital transformation is not just restricted to the technology level, but at the organisational, cultural, process, function and data level.  It requires significant organisational change throughout the business to succeed - requiring digital vision, skills and capabilities.

One key area where PDMS can add substantial value to central and local and other government agencies is helping them join-up existing digital technologies across the application landscape. We can help provide practical soltuions to the challenge of bridging legacy systems of record and modern systems of engagement that join people, data and processes.

Take a look at our Government Solutions brochure which provides an overview of some of the many Government projects we’ve worked on including:

No two organisations are the same and we adapt our delivery approach and methods to suit  – from agile delivery where the scope of delivery is more flexible through to waterfall. 

Public bodies and third sector organisations throughout the UK can purchase our services and solutions through the G-Cloud. In Scotland, pubic sector bodies also have the option of purchasing through the Application Design and Development Framework (ADDS).

Interested in practical steps to achieving digital transformation?

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PDMS have provided responsive, reliable and helpful support which has helped NHS organisations to realise substantial savings Andrew Davies Chair, Pharmacy Business Technology Group, Commercial Medicines Unit