We've helped Stanley Black & Decker streamline product information and improve customer service to Service Centres


Stanley Black & Decker is the world's largest producer of electric power tools for domestic DIY and commercial use. In addition to the Black & Decker brand name, they also manufacture under the Elu, Dewalt and other brands. Their products and services are marketed in more than 100 countries and they have manufacturing operations in 14 countries around the world.

As part of their market leadership, Stanley Black & Decker provide comprehensive support to all their service and repair customers located in service centres around the world. A key element of this support is service information, and Stanley Black & Decker recognised the need to modernise the collation and distribution of their service information with a new Service Information System (SIS).

The objective of the new system was to improve the ease and speed of access to information on all Stanley Black & Decker products. The investment in the new system reflected not only Black & Decker's level of commitment to their products, but also to their customers in service centres.


Stanley Black & Decker were keen to establish a long-term business relationship with a supplier for now and in the future, capable of delivering the system and exception service standards. Following an open tendering process, Stanley Black & Decker selected PDMS in preference to several European and US companies. 

PDMS worked closely with Stanley Black & Decker's team to define the project's business objectives and requirements: in essence the system is a massive service and repair manual - including repair instructions, parts lists and technical drawings. It is an invaluable source of information to the thousands of technicians in service centres who require efficient access to this information.

A key requirement was for the new system to be built with future requirements in mind. Although the initial requirement was for the publishing of information to three different media (CD-ROM, Internet and Intranet), the system had to be capable of integration with stock, sales and distribution systems, with the aim of providing an end-to-end solution in due course.

The solution

The integrated SIS incorporated a large volume of complex service information - including documentation, parts lists, and repair and wiring diagrams on 3,000 products and 210,000 parts.

Features essential to the system included the search functionality, compiling orders and viewing order history, linking part details to hotspots on service illustrations and printing. Importantly, the information had to be available in seven different languages. Meanwhile, aspects of the system were designed to be administered by Black & Decker staff, making its intuitive use critical. The system was also designed to perform data integrity and consistency checks on the information as a whole. 

PDMS’ solution supports integration with Stanley Black & Decker's back office systems which will provide the opportunity for the system to evolve. As the system can publish to existing or future media, Black & Decker will be able to maintain their competitive edge by being at the forefront of technology and meeting their customers' developing needs.

PDMS' team were also involved in the system's launch in Europe and Black & Decker's USA headquarters in Maryland, providing on-site assistance, testing and training.


The system met StanleyBlack & Decker's prime requirement, bringing all of the complex information together into a central database. It made a significant impact on their ability to support service centres, streamlining the information production process, cutting costs and accelerating the business process.

The customers benefit by being given more power to access the information they need, creating an inevitable 'feel good' factor, and in turn drawing less from the Stanley Black & Decker support team. The feedback from the end users in service centres across Europe and the USA has been extremely positive. Furthermore, fewer mistakes are made as the orders are generated electronically.

The system was successfully rolled out in Europe and PDMS were soon approached by Stanley Black & Decker in the USA to develop a similar system which could be implemented across the States. PDMS went on to develop a customised solution for the USA to meet their specific requirements for additional features.