We are working with Fife Council on a new single point of contact project using our employed platform which connects skills, employment and education

Project Overview

Fife Council has commissioned PDMS to pilot a portal for employability and contact services in Fife.  This exciting new project has been spearheaded by Fife Council, in response to the Report “Education Working for All” by Sir Ian Wood, which highlighted the need for better engagement with employers through industry-led partnerships.  Indeed, this approach was confirmed in the Government's own response to the Wood Commission Report, Developing the Young Workforce, which established the national strategy.

Using PDMS’ SignedUp platform, the new portal will join up skills and employment initiatives, stakeholders and information.  It will provide a comprehensive set of services for employers in a single management-of-information system, which also allows young people to profile their skills, as well as to lodge applications for work experience and jobs.  The system is planned to reinforce the work of the Developing the Young Workforce in Fife Partnership Board, the establishment of which is being supported by Government funding. It will also support the existing work of our public sector partnership, Opportunities Fife, which focuses on employability for groups facing challenges accessing works.

John McLaughlin from Fife Council commented "We have high hopes for the pilot project, which we hope will lead to a sustainable set of arrangements for the future. The company's work is an exciting example of what can be achieved by national government working partnership with local areas to evolve more effective ways of working, which have the twin benefits of improving education and enabling business growth."