Driving down car leasing costs with an innovative portal provided as a shared service across Government

Project Overview

The Car Leasing project was initially piloted by the NHS Purchasing and Supply agency (PASA) and was subsequently rolled out nationally across the whole of the UK Government public sector in England and Wales. This comprehensive car leasing portal, developed by PDMS and managed by the Crown Commercial Service (previously the Government Procurement Service), provides all of the tools for leasing providers to upload their pricing matrices against a comprehensive database of car types and options. Customers across the public sector can then use the system to get the best possible deal across all suppliers and vehicle types.

The quotation system extracts live pricing information from each participating supplier’s website, based on search criteria, and displays it in an easy to read summary table, making comparison of prices quick and easy. It is believed to be the first public sector website of its kind in the UK, providing live pricing information, straight from the supplier to the user, with a click of a button.

NHS PASA demonstrated that an innovative idea, originally implemented within the NHS using web technologies, can be successfully applied to the entire UK public sector. The NHS has a fleet of approximately 33,000 vehicles, whilst the total public sector fleet is estimated to be about 100,000 vehicles.

Evidence of the success of the portal is demonstrated in the fast take up of the service in a short time.  Within the first 18 months of its launch, over 80 public sector organizations had signed up, 395 NHS organizations had placed orders via the framework and on average 150 quotes were produced a day.  The framework and portal has already delivered approximately £5.4m savings.

The portal also provides the public sector with greater knowledge and control of CO2 emission levels for government fleets. Sustainability can also be addressed in the call-off selection process, which allows customers' to incorporate their own policies, including environmental factors such as capped CO2 emissions, fuel type and body style. The portal is also helping to reduce waste by significantly decreasing the amount of paper quotes that were previously generated and distributed.

The project won a coveted Government Computing Award in 2009 in the Shared Services Category.

Car leasing Government Computing Awards photo